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Amoreiras Shopping Center

Amoreiras Shopping Center: Relaxing shopping experience The Amoreiras Shopping Center, in Lisbon, was the first modern center of a reasonable size to open in the city, being locally well known for the quality of the shopping experience it provides...
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Alfama Lisbon District

Alfama: The Quaint Lisbon Neighborhood Alfama Lisbon District is where travelers can enjoy insights to authentic Portuguese way of life, in the capital’s oldest and most historic district. The humble neighborhood with narrow alleyways, steep streets, crumbling churches and...
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Museu de Arte Antiga

Museu de Arte Antiga :  Where Ancient Treasures and Masterpieces Breathe Alive One place in Lisbon that will surely fascinate those who have passion for arts is the Museu de Arte Antiga (Ancient Art Museum). Located in the heart...
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Centro Comercial Colombo

Centro Comercial Colombo: An unmatched shopping experience! The Centro Comercial Colombo in Lisbon is considered to be one of the 10 biggest malls in Europe. It was opened in 1997 and has more than 400 shops and many different...
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Gulbenkian Museum

Gulbenkian Museum:  Reliving the Past, Enjoying the Present Lisbon, being the one of the world’s historical cities, is home to a wide range of picturesque historical buildings, including centuries-old churches, as well as breathtaking museums, that house significant artifacts...
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Pena Palace Sintra

Palacio da Pena: A Romantic Dream in Sintra The striking monument among the lush greenery of the Pena Park is the vibrant multi-hued Palacio da Pena in Sintra, Portugal’s favourite hillside town with various attractions. In addition to the...
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Belem Tower

The Belem Tower: Witness of Years Past Also called Tower of St.Vincent, this is probably one of the most iconic monuments of Lisbon and also of Portugal. Its uncommon shape and location, within the waters of the Tagus estuary,...
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Cantina LX Restaurant

Cantina LX: The past reinvented by arts Cantina LX is one of those unpretentious places, in a perfect location, where you can have excellent food at quite reasonable prices. You will find Cantina LX just at the entrance of...
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Coliseu dos Recreios Concert Hall

Coliseu dos Recreios Concert Hall: Lisbon’s Best Venue for Entertainment Lisbon is a mecca of entertainment establishments, and this shows that entertainment is part of Lisbon’s culture. In almost all corners of the city sprouted a number of bars...
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Berardo museum

Berardo Museum : Celebration of Modern and Contemporary Art Berardo Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art or, in short, Museu Berardo, is since a few years a famous art destination in Lisbon. The museum is frequented by contemporary art...
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Praca do Rossio

Praca do Rossio: The city center Praca do Rossio Lisbon area, or the Rossio Square, is one of the most beautiful places to see in Lisbon. The square, which is located in downtown Lisbon, has been a witness to...
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Lisbon zoo

Lisbon Zoo: Wilderness comes to town Lisbon, the biggest city in Portugal, has a lot of things to offer to tourists and locals alike. In addition to the captivating historical sites and natural tourist destinations that should not be...
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Miradouro Sao Pedro Alcantara

Sao Pedro de Alcantara : The City’s Primal Vista The cultural grandeur of Portugal’s alpha city, Lisbon, can’t be exhibited in a single place. To fully grasp the magnificence of this exemplary city, you have to gain an expansive view...
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Praia Grande Beach

Surfing on World-Famous Waves at Praia Grande Beach It is no surprise that many people flock to Lisbon, the largest city and capital of Portugal. Lisbon is not only the only European capital located close to beautiful, sandy shoreline;...
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Praia das Macas Beach

Enjoying an Adventure-Filled Holiday at Praia das Macas Beach Lisbon is known as the only European capital that is nearby beautiful and magnificent beaches. The capital city boasts of a good number of white sandy beaches with crystal clear...
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Elevador da Gloria

Elevador da Gloria: A Magical Hill Tour The Gloria elevator, in fact, is part of Lisbon’s public transportation system. It may sound incredible that a transportation system can attract so many tourists, but the truth is that the touring...
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Elevador Santa Justa

Santa Justa Elevator: French style, Lisbon Views Santa Justa elevator (Elevador, in portuguese), also referred to as Carmo Lift, is more than just a public mode of transport. For one, it’s well-known for its grand architectural style and filigree....
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Igreja Conceicao Velha

Conceicao Velha: A Memorable Historical Landmark Tucked in the middle of the row houses of Rua da Alfandega in Lisbon’s Baixa District, is one of the oldest churches in the country. It’s called Conceicao Velha Church. Igreja da Conceicao...
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Lisbon Casino

Lisbon Casino: The Capital’s Gambling Entertainment Center Lisbon is an European city that has maintained its historical charm. That doesn’t mean it has never caught up with modernism, being one good example the Casino Lisboa. The Lisbon Casino is...
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Galeria 111 Arts Gallery

Galeria 111: Breathe in Arts while in Lisbon Lisbon, being the capital of Portugal, it is a cultural, economic, and historical hub and holds a certain magic, especially for those who love the arts. It is also the home...
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Palacio de Belmonte Hotel

Belmonte Palace Hotel Lisbon - photo 8

Belmonte Palace Hotel – Stay among walls of history and heritage The accolades laden palace turned hotel, Belmonte Palace Hotel (Palacio de Belmonte), is steps away from “Castelo de Sao Jorge”. It was built as part of the Moorish...
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Jeronimos Monastery

Mosteiro dos jeronimos Lisbon photo 4

Renowned to be the symbol of Portuguese art at its finest, Jeronimos Monastery in Lisbon (Mosteiro dos Jeronimos), never fails to captivate visitors from near and far.
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Miradouro de Santa Catarina

Miradouro Santa Catarina viewpoint Lisbon - Photo 4

Miradouro de Santa Catarina – The Tejo facing view Hilltop sites presenting unobstructed views of Lisbon are called Miradouros, Portuguese for panoramic viewpoints. These miradouros are usually the highest point of each peak in Lisbon, the City of 7...
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Elevador da Bica

elevador da bica lisbon photo 2

The unique magnetism of Elevador da Bica in Lisbon is found within the funicular carriage, the interesting trip and the panoramic views at the terraces, add to the charm of the experience. Many visitors readily agree that a trip...
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Casa dos Bicos

casa dos bicos | House of spikes lisbon portugal photo 2

Casa dos Bicos – Uniquely intriguing contrasts With the tower of Se Cathedral in the backdrop, the stunningly unique Casa dos Bicos in Lisbon (House of Spikes) is the perfect background for any photograph. Called the House of Spikes,...
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A Brasileira Cafe

A Brasileira Cafe Lisbon Portugal photo 5

A Brasileira – Hangout for the artistic intellectuals Lisbon’s cozy cafes are as famous as the city’s quaint cobbled streets, narrow alleys and magnificent attractions. With intriguing histories and even more interesting decor, the numerous cafes are perfect for...
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Cristo Rei Statue

cristo rei lisboa portugal photo 3

Cristo Rei Statue – In the shadow of Christ the King Towering at 28m high and resembling Rio de Janeiro’s Wonder of the World, Estatua do Cristo Rei in Lisbon (Christ the King Statue) is one reason why many...
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Belem Lisbon District

belem lisbon portugalfeatured

The quaint historic Belem Lisbon district is home to museums, parks, cafes and other intriguing sights of discovery. If the meandering streets of Belem in Lisbon are not enough to make one lose track of time
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Chiado Lisbon District

chiado lisboa featured

Chiado – Charming hotspot for shopping and cultural sights The cultural and shopping mecca of Lisbon is undisputedly the Chiado Lisbon district, whose elegant street ‘Rua Garrett’ has been placed along with other glamorous  and fashionable streets around the...
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VIP Grand Lisboa Hotel

Vip Grand Lisboa Hotel - Photo 7

Quiet, Convenient and Stylish: The VIP Grand Lisboa Hotel & Spa in Lisbon The VIP Grand Lisboa Hotel in Lisbon has deftly managed to do the impossible- it offers guests the peace and quiet of a remote neighborhood despite...
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