Cristo Rei Statue

Cristo Rei Statue – In the shadow of Christ the King

Towering at 28m high and resembling Rio de Janeiro’s Wonder of the World, Estatua do Cristo Rei in Lisbon (Christ the King Statue) is one reason why many choose to take the ferry trip across the Tejo, Portuguese for the river Tagus. Perched at the south bank of the river, Estatua do Cristo Rei (Christ the King Statue) can be spotted easily miles around. Nonetheless, enjoying the aura of the religious statue or experiencing a pseudo-pilgrimage feeling is a major draw for the visitors to this colossal monument.

The journey to the monumental Estatua do Cristo Rei in Lisbon (Christ the King Statue), begins at the major transport interchange “Cais do Sodre”, the terminal for ferry, buses, trains and the metro. There are options available for fancy cruises across the river, though most locals opt for the ferry.  The ferry ride towards the destination “Cacilhas” is an attraction itself. Passengers are treated to clear views of the city’s prominent landmarks such as the Tower of Belem, the Se Cathedral and the suspension bridge (Ponte 25 de April) halfway across the river journey. “Cacilhas” used to be a bustling port town during the busy days of shipping and fishing, Lisbon’s main industries from the past. Nowadays, is popular for its riverside restaurant serving delectable seafood dishes and other local food. Visitors can choose to walk by the riverside to the Estatua do Cristo Rei or hop on one of the frequent buses heading to the statue.

There is an elevator ride available to go up to top of the structure and some steps later, bring visitors to the statue of Christ the King with wide-spread arms. Built after the World War II, as thanks for Portugal remaining unscathed during the war, this Estatua do Cristo Rei, built in Lisbon, has a rooftop pedestal at 82m height, with spectacular view of the capital’s skyline and the panoramic surroundings.

The inexpensive ferry trip across the magnificent river is deservedly rewarded with the stunning views and feeling of bliss to be in the presence of such wonderful sights.

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