Praca do Rossio

Praca do Rossio: The city center

Praca do Rossio Lisbon area, or the Rossio Square, is one of the most beautiful places to see in Lisbon. The square, which is located in downtown Lisbon, has been a witness to various historical events in the city, from popular celebrations and revolutions to executions and bullfights. Today, Praca do Rossio is a popular destination both for locals and tourists. It is Lisbon’s main square, so it’s impossible to miss it when in the city.

Although the square has been renovated a number of times already, it still managed to retain its mysticism. Every day, people from different places flock the square just to relax, hang out, and just take in the atmosphere. It’s a popular destination among tourists who have checked in nearby hotels and also close to some of the city’s famous cafes and shops that include Cafe Nicola and Pastelaria Suiça.

One of Rossio Square Lisbon area top attractions is the bronze statue of Dom Pedro IV located right at the middle. Dom Pedro IV was a former king of Portugal and the first emperor of Brasil. At the foot of statue are four female figures that symbolize four important qualities of the former king and emperor: justice, wisdom, strength, and moderation.

On the opposite sides of Rossio Square are two baroque-style fountains; at the side of which are the favorite hangout spots for visitors and tourists. These beautiful bronze fountains are said to have been imported from France.

At the northern part of the square, visitors can see and explore the Dona Maria II National Theater, one of the two main theaters in Lisbon. Crafted during the 1840s, the theater is a true representation of how architecture was during that time, built with an impressive Neo-Classical design and atop the pediment is a statue that represents the famous playwright Gil Vicente. A lot of plays have been performed in this famous theater; many of which were seen by Portugal’s kings and queens.

Another important landmark built right at the square is the Rossio Train Station, formerly known as the Central Station or Estacao Central. This station’s structure is a perfect representation of a cast-iron structure and Romantic façade in Portugal during the 1800s. The intertwined horseshoe portal right at the entrance and sculptural decorations are among the most interesting parts of Rossio Train Station.

For the relaxing environment that Praca do Rossio Lisbon area can provide, there’s no wonder why it remains a top destination among Lisboners and tourists. Moreover, the square is very much accessible and is close to other tourist attractions in the city that include the Chiado Museum, Santa Justa Elevator and Praca do Comercio (Commerce Square).

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