Bessa Hotel

Experience The Trendy Urban Charm Of The Bessa Hotel In Porto

Conveniently located just off one of the main Porto Avenues, the Bessa Hotel is a quickly rising star of the Porto hotel scene. Sleek and modern lines grace this experimental example of modern architecture, which has captivated visitors with its trendy interior design.

Located very close to the commercial, historical and cultural centers in this prosperous area of Oporto, Boavista has welcomed this entry on the best hotels in Porto with open arms. The architecture of the Bessa Hotel has combined old world charm with the clean lines of the modern skyscraper, with the result being a unique visage worthy of a careful second look.


Every room in this Porto hotel is designed to give the guest the maximum level of comfort possible. The rooms are spacious, well-appointed with the finest in modern furniture, and tastefully decorated with a wide range of artwork from local artists. Many rooms have its own private terrace from which guests can sit, relax and enjoy the panoramic view of the city and the countryside.

Unlike other entries on the best hotels in Porto, Bessa Hotel offers a lot more areas within the hotel for guests to rest, socialize and generally unwind from their travels. There is a small gym available for exercising, as well as a Turkish bath that is very popular, especially among business travelers. Meeting rooms and reading areas are also available, as are quiet terrace areas outside to relax and dine.


In Bessa Hotel, the restaurant and bar area is designed to offer guests a choice of several fine meals, in a relaxed environment. Here, both the restaurant and bar offer a menu that consists of experiments in Iberian fusion cuisine and whether you choose tapas or a full meal, there is much to be enjoyed, and none of it will disappoint. Be sure to sample some of the locally produced port wines available, a special favorite product of the Porto area.


There is a lot to see in Porto and the closest sites to this fine hotel that are especially popular with visitors are the Casa da Musica (House of Music) and the Fundacao Serralves. The House of Music is a popular concert hall, hosting numerous concerts and local orchestras yearly. The other is the local museum of modern art, surrounded by beautifully sculpted gardens to walk.

Bessa Hotel
Rua Dr. Marques de Carvalho, 111
4100-325 Porto
Phone: 226 050 000

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