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Adamastor Esplanade

Adamastor Esplanade Lisbon - Photo 3

Spend A Great Afternoon At The Esplanada Do Adamastor In Lisbon If you want to enjoy a quick snack or a casual drink while immersed in some of the amazing scenery in Lisbon, you should spend some time at...
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Graca Esplanade

Graca esplanade lisbon - photo 5

Immerse Yourself In The Stunning Views at Graca Esplanade (Esplanada da Graça) Situated atop a hill amidst spectacular surroundings, the Graca Esplanade is among Lisbon’s better kept secrets. From the vantage point of this esplanade you can get a...
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Piazza di Mare Restaurant

Piazza di Mare Restaurant Lisbon - Photo 1

In addition to the delightful river view that guests can enjoy from Piazza di Mare restaurant, they can also expect a wide variety of tasty food at the restaurant, including Italian pizzas, made in their wooden hoven, Risottos, Frittata
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Basilica da Estrela Church

Basilica da Estrela - Photo 3

The dome of Basilica da Estrela is open for visitors to visit, offering an impressive view of the city and countryside. Twin bell towers flank the entrance, decorated with beautiful icons of saints and other allegorical figures. The tomb...
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Blues Cafe

Blues Café Lisbon - Photo 2

The Blues Café Club and Restaurant: A Trendy Lisbon Hot Spot For a fun night out in Lisbon, there’s no better place than the Blues Café club and restaurant. Different from most other bars in the city, the atmosphere...
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Buddha LX Bar

Buddha Bar Lisbon - Photo 3

Experience The Peaceful Glamour Of Buddha LX A favorite haunt of Lisbon celebrities and VIPs, the Buddha LX Bar is easily one of the most ornate and traditionally designed sites in the city. It is a glamorous, yet comfortable...
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Vaskus Restaurant

Vaskus Restaurant Lisbon - Photo 3

Discovering Vaskus Located in the downtown restaurant district, Vaskus is renowned for it sumptuous meals and is so popular that it is one of the few downtown venues where you always need a reservation, even for lunch. It has...
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Castle of Sao Jorge

Castelo sao jorge lisbon - featured2

Castle of Sao Jorge or Saint George Castle can be a magical place to explore. Set on a hilltop high above Lisbon, it was once used as a fortress by the Moors until it fell in 1147.
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O Terraco

O Terraço Bar Lisbon Portugal - Photo 1

A Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere at O Terraco Bar in Lisbon If you are looking for good food and amazing views, the O Terraço, in Lisbon, really delivers. This open air bar, located on the top floor of the...
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LX Factory

LX Factory photo 5

LX Factory is one of the most visited arts centers in the city of Lisbon, a place where the past and present converge.  Here, visitors can participate and interact in various cultural events that project this place into the...
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O Terraco

Bar o Terraço Lisbon - Photo 1

O Terraco An open air bar opened on the top of the Mercado-Building. Great view, great atmosphere to have a beer on top of the city in the sun. This is more than enough to smell the city, to...
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Britania Hotel

Britania Hotel Lisbon - Photo 1

Britania Hotel The Britania Hotel is a very convenient hotel in the center of Lisbon which stands at 7km (4 miles) to the airport. This hotel was designed in 40th by a well known architect, C. Branco based on...
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Bairro Alto Hotel

Bairro Alto Hotel Lisbon - Photo 1

Bairro Alto Hotel This charm hotel is located in downtown Lisbon with a unique view to the city. This hotel is located in an area called Bairro Alto, which is the heart of the bohemian life in Lisbon where...
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Janelas Verdes Hotel

Janelas Verdes Hotel Lisbon - Photo 2

Janelas verdes hotel Janelas Verdes hotel is a 17th century palace that, like the street sharing its name, deserves to be discovered slowly and away from the city rush. Its peaceful and romantic atmosphere is in perfect tune with...
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Porto de Santa Maria

Porto de Santa Maria Restaurant Guincho Lisbon Portugal - Photo 4

Seaside restaurant specialized in seafood, with 5 small dining rooms with a sea view. The Wine cellar is excellent and boasts a personalized kitchen with several fish specialties. Porto Santa Maria is one of the few Portuguese restaurants to...
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Silk Bar

Silk Bar Lisbon Portugal - Photo 1

Silk Bar This is the trendiest place in Lisbon. It is called Silk and has the city at its feet. Located in the last two floors of “Espaço Chiado” it is a highly sophisticated night club, designed to be...
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Noobai Cafe

Noobai Cafe Lisbon Portugal - Photo 3

Noobai Located in “Miradouro do Adamastor” in the old part of Lisbon, you will find Noobai Café. This is a very simple place really not sofisticated with an outstanding view towards the river to do…nothing. Get a sandwich or...
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