Zé Bota

Experience The Lively Camaraderie At The Ze Bota Café

When some travelers imagine what it will be like to travel across Europe, drinking in the sights and sounds, they often include visions of dining with the locals at a traditional neighborhood café. Those visions must match the environs of this Porto restaurant exactly. You simply cannot see Porto as it should be seen, without stopping at the Ze Bota Restaurant at least once for a meal.

Very affordable, especially when compared to some of the other entries on the Porto restaurant scene, this wonderful yet simple restaurant can be found by following the raucous sounds coming from inside. It can get crowded and noisy but that only shows just how much fun people have dining here.

Located at the end of an alley along the Travessa do Carmo, the reputation of the Ze Bota Restaurant has certainly grown of late, thanks to the great reviews on travel sites given by previous visitors to Porto.

For around 10 Euros each, you can get any of their marvelous seafood entries such as Vitello Madeira or Bacalhau com Broa and finish up with desserts like the sinful Bolo de Agrião.

Good thing they are right across the street from the historic Carmo Church, for confessions of delight will certainly be in order afterwards. Specialty of the house is the Ze Bota Codfish, served with their own version of potato chips that just have to be eaten to be believed.

Ze Bota
Travessa do Carmo, 16-20
4050 Porto

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