Praia das Macas Beach

Enjoying an Adventure-Filled Holiday at Praia das Macas Beach

Lisbon is known as the only European capital that is nearby beautiful and magnificent beaches. The capital city boasts of a good number of white sandy beaches with crystal clear blue waters that, although not as warm as the beaches located in the southern part of the country, can still provide an exceptional beach experience.

One of the country’s most visited beaches is the Praia das Macas Beach, also known as the Apple Beach. During the early days, apples, which fell off their trees and into a river, that flows continuously to the beach, were scattered in the sea waters and coastlines; thus, the name Apple Beach.

Praia das Macas Beach in Lisbon is the perfect destination for friends and families who are into some fun activities and look for and adventure-filled holiday. Visitors are sure to get amazed and captivated by the golden sands, the crystal clear Atlantic waters, and the towering cliffs along Praia das Macas coastline.

Along the beach’s sandy area stand shopping centers, handicraft and souvenir shops, fine restaurants, and lively bars. There is also a children’s pool and an Olympic-size swimming pool that makes use of the ocean water, as well as a children’s park with benches for family picnics. Aside from swimming, Praia das Macas Beach Lisbon is also perfect for sports fishing, surfing, paragliding, and even kite surfing.

It’s also impossible to miss the tramcar nestled beyond the beach. This tramcar offers a lovely and delightful journey from Sintra, right next to the Museum of Modern Art, stops in Colares, and ends in Praia das Macas Beach. In fact, using this old and historical tramcar from Sintra, another historic town and tourist attraction of Portugal, is the best way to get to Praia das Macas. The journey to this beautiful and magnificent beach can take approximately 45 minutes.

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