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Berardo Museum : Celebration of Modern and Contemporary Art

Berardo Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art or, in short, Museu Berardo, is since a few years a famous art destination in Lisbon. The museum is frequented by contemporary art connoisseurs and artistically inclined tourists who want to experience the art works of Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Miro, or Pollock first-hand. These art works belong to the massive collection of Joe Berardo, a Portuguese art collector.

Through the initiative of the Foundation of Modern and Contemporary Art in 2006, Berardo Museum in Lisbon opened its doors to the public in June of 2007. By that time, there were only 863 paintings and art works available for public display at the museum. Today, Museu Berardo has expanded its collection to as much as 4,000, some of which are also featured at Sintra’s Modern Art Museum.

These art masterpieces, which include a variety of media including paintings, sculptures, photography, and installations, cover two floors. The collection represents some of the best artistic products between the 20th and 21st centuries, and visitors can expect a mixture of American and European art in the museum, along with a great deal of representation for the Portuguese contemporary art.

Admission to the museum is free. It is open daily from 10am to 7pm, except for Fridays wherein it closes at 10pm. Tourists are free to visit whenever they want and enjoy the rich collection of master pieces available for public viewing. The art exhibition at the museum is open all year round. Hence, tourists can visit Lisbon at anytime of the year and be able to witness this wonderful art exhibit for free.

Berardo Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art is part of the Centro Cultural de Belem, which is located within the district of Belem. It can be accessed through a wide range of transportation such as bus, metro, or tram. Tourists can get the Lisboa Card, which is available for purchase across various tourist information outlets in the city, facilitating the use of transport all over the city. This card also provides discounts in ticket prices when visiting galleries, museums, and other major attractions.

Berardo Museum Lisbon area is also home to other notable tourist attractions and sights, namely the Belem Tower, Jeronimos Monastery, Tropical Garden, Memoria Church, and the Ajuda Palace. The museum therefore serves as perfect vantage point for exploring other tourist destinations in Lisbon.

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