Solar dos Presuntos Restaurant

Experience Home Cooked Classics at Solar dos Presuntos

When Solar dos Presuntos opened in 1974, the owners set out to make every customer who walked through their doors feel like they were home; judging by their success, this restaurant has certainly succeeded. Since that first night, they rapidly became one of the most popular and sought out dining halls in all of Lisbon.

One of the keys to their long success in Lisbon is their dedication to providing only hearty and delicious food in their restaurant. The menu at the Solar dos Presuntos is literally a historic document, in and of itself, with a listing of regional specialties from all over Portugal, including some well-loved family favorites from ages past. Not surprisingly, the most popular cuisine on the menu is from northern region of Portugal, the land of the renowned Vinho Verde.

With the success of such specialties as codfish pasty and a host of other Minho Cuisine dishes, Chef Jose Silva has made a name for himself around the world, in addition to representing his home country and company to a proud and distinguished degree.

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