Simple Dining At Its Finest At The Sueste Restaurant

Located within an old salt warehouse near the end of the fishing quay lies a gem of a Ferragudo restaurant . From this unpretentious façade comes food that is the equal of any fancier Algarve restaurant that features traditional Portuguese cuisine. You can picture yourself there; just imagine the soft lapping of the waves and views of the harbor here, as well as the Portimao skyline and the smell of the morning catch cooking on charcoal grills.

While the outside of the Sueste Restaurant may not seem ideal, the inside certainly is. Stone arches, hand painted tiles on the wall, and murals of life on the sea everywhere you look. Simple, yet rustic, and the cuisine impeccable. Who could ask for anything more in a Ferragudo restaurant? No one that has eaten here, before.

From huge sardines so white and flaky that you do not need a knife, to the beautiful Dourada, a gilt head bream that falls off the bones, everything is cooked to perfection at the Sueste Restaurant. If you are dining alone or as a couple, then be wise in the selection of the fish you want them to prepare. A large fish caught here, could easily feed six to eight people. The fatter it is, the more flesh it will have and tastier it will be. As in many Algarve restaurants, they charge by the pound so it is definitely a case of waste not, want not here.

Sueste Restaurant
Rua Infante Santo, 91
8400-256 Ferragudo
Algarve, Portugal

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