Hotel Avenida Palace

Travel Back In Time At The Hotel Avenida Palace

Would you believe that at the heart of Lisbon, in the beautiful Restauradores Square, lays one of the best hotels in Lisbon, that has a history that could rival any of the historic buildings that tourists flock throughout the year? It is true and all of it can be found at the Hotel Avenida Palace, a veritable bastion of charm and elegance, with a history that dates back more than one hundred years.

Among the finest Lisbon hotels, it was a witness of the rise of the Portuguese Republic, the Spanish civil war, and the depredations of World War II, all the while retaining its own unique glamour. Often used as a clandestine site for staging political campaigns and furtive plots, or meetings between important politicos or specialists in espionage, its colorful history has helped to make it one of the most popular places to stay, and certainly one of the best hotels in Lisbon to experience the vibrant heritage of this beautiful city.

Glorious Accommodations

All of the hotel’s more than eighty rooms are decorated in the classic European style, reflecting more than a hundred years of cultural changes in the region. Because of the “special” clientele of the past, many of the suites are still completely soundproof, making them perfect for a quiet evening of relaxation after experiencing the daily hustle and bustle of city life.

On the first floor of the Hotel Avenida Palace, there is an extensive library available to all guests, that contains a wide selection of books in a variety of languages, computers for Internet access and media printers and services for the busy business traveler. Perfect, considering that the hotel is also located close to Lisbon’s busy commercial and financial district.

Dating back to its heydays of the early 1900s, the luxurious smoking lounge is also located on the first floor, outfitted much the same as it was in the past, making it the perfect casual meeting space for business meetings or budding new friendships.

Dining and Relaxation

As is to be expected at most Lisbon hotels, there are facilities on site dedicated to the purpose of exercising the body and rejuvenating the spirit. A fully equipped gym, as well as a highly rated spa awaits to serve every guest personal needs. Fine dining is also available, in the form of its historic Tea Room and the Palace Lounge.

Hotel Avenida Palace
Rua 1º de Dezembro, 123
1200-359 Lisbon
Phone: 213 218 100

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