Carvoeiro Beach

Praia do Carvoeiro Beach- Accessible Beauty and Fun

A charming fishing village located in the Algarve region of Portugal just 3 hours south of Lisbon, Praia do Carvoeiro beach offers some of the best swimming and scenery in the area. It stretches out into a wide expanse of sand, surrounded by cliffs and overlooked by beautiful white homes and hotels.

With a traditional local market that sells fresh produce and the neighborhood butcher and bakers, this beach has retained the intrinsic character of Portuguese life.

Lovely Praia do Carvoeiro Beach, in south of Portugal,  is friendly for anyone with mobility issues. It is the only beach in the region that can be accessed by foot as well as by wheelchair. This means that even those who are unable to walk to the beach can still enjoy the sand and the water. The water by this beach is beautiful and blue, like it is in many other areas of the Algarve.

A visit to Praia do Carvoeiro beach is sure to let the stresses of life slip away, as you immerse yourself in its ultra serene surroundings.

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