Quality And Sophistication At The Vintage Restaurant

Now in a space that formerly housed a long-time Porto favorite, the Vintage Restaurant has gone far beyond expectations to not only win over the former patrons of the former Sevartes, but to also ensure their place as the new favorite for that area. Elegant and modern in décor, the menu at this Porto restaurant is sophisticated and trendy and offers something for everyone wanting good food, beautiful music and great company.

Taking their name to heart, the proprietors of this Porto restaurant have decorated it throughout with classic vintage furnishings and artwork. The tables and settings are done in an intimate style, with indirect lighting for the proper cozy atmosphere while dining. The romantic settings run counterpoint to the music that accompanies it, with smoky jazz riffs and pulsing bossanovas.

This rising star in the Porto restaurant scene offers a wide variety of tapas style dishes with a definite Mediterranean influence, as well as traditional Portuguese favorites. Here every meal is sophisticated, no matter if they are traditional, gourmet or vegetarian. At lunch, there is a more abbreviated menu rather than the full spectrum that is available at dinner. Just as good, just as delicious and with the same quality throughout.

From pasta to risotto, from veal to vegetarian, there is a wealth of good food to be had at the Vintage Restaurant. The service is exceptional, the prices fair for the area and it is evident that the new owners have truly conquered the ghosts of the previous residents to win over the neighborhood.

Vintage Restaurant
Rua da Constituição, 2105

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