Elevador da Bica

Elevador da Bica – The route to Lisbon’s stunning sights

Lisbon’s steep terrain has led to the funicular railroad complementing the city’s network of public transport. The funiculars or elevadores, an institution on their own, are a popular mode of travelling to the city’s panoramic viewpoints, known as Miradouros .

The popular funicular attractions include Elevador de Santa Justa, Elevador da Gloria and Elevador da Bica, which passes behind the city’s central market and through a quaint neighbourhood before reaching the  popular viewpoint, Miradouro de Santa Catarina.

The iconic yellow and white trains are run by the city’s public transport company, Carris. With its other funicular cousins, these elevadores are regarded as national monuments. Elevador da Bica in Lisbon started operation in 1892 and is known to be the only funicular plying a steep road route through narrow alleys, allowing visitors to enjoy a glimpse of Lisbon’s heartland.

Passing through the streets near Bairro Alto, one can get close views of the graffiti covered walls and of the locals going about daily lives. Bairro Alto is known to be the oldest district in Lisbon with residential units as well as a popular area for pulsating nightlife.

The funicular climbs Rua da Bica for some 200 metres, and the sights presented along are fascinating. The scenic ride in the Elevador da Bica Lisbon area serves as preview of amazing views of the Tagus river (rio Tejo) and dockyard, as the funicular eventually pulls into the Miradouro de Santa Catarina. After enjoying historic views, visitors can now enjoy the sweeping view of the city harbor and the magnificent Tagus river.

The unique magnetism of Elevador da Bica in Lisbon is found within the funicular carriage, the interesting trip and the panoramic views at the terraces, add to the charm of the experience. Many visitors readily agree that a trip on these funiculars are inherent part of any journey to Portugal’s capital city.

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