Sao Roque

Sample The Flavors Of The Sea At Sao Roque Restaurant

With dining available both in and out of season, this Lagos restaurant is a favorite among those visitors looking for somewhere to spend an easy afternoon enjoying lunch with their children, and a romantic spot to spend a cozy evening under the stars.

A rising star on the Algarve restaurant scene, they offer both a quaint tapas menu, as well as a menu filled with interesting twists on traditional Portuguese seafood dishes.

Outside of the beachside eating area there is a playground with climbing frames for adventurous children to amuse themselves while they wait for their meals to be prepared. The seafood at Sao Roque Restaurant is very tasty, but can be expensive at times, depending upon what you order. One tip gleaned from patrons who regularly frequent this Algarve restaurant, is to ask to see your selection before having it grilled to order. Some species can run quite large, and since you are paying by the kilogram, you do not want to order something too big for you to eat.

The tapas menu at the Sao Roque Restaurant can be a simple thing to order from, especially when ordering for children. Featuring items like prawn and squid skewers, plus salads, even American favorites like potato salad, it can make lunchtime with the family an adventurous and enjoyable experience.

One of the few Lagos restaurant facilities that caters to families, make this your first stop while vacationing here on the coast.

Sao Roque Restaurant
Meia Praia
8600-315 Lagos
282 792 101

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