Salema Beach

Praia de Salema Beach : Where Serenity and Beauty Thrive

Home to some of the most beautiful secluded coves and breathtaking outcrops of rock formations one can ever imagine, Praia de Salema Beach in Algarve is a paradise to those who are seeking tranquility and an escape from the crowd. The golden sand beach, colorful fishing boats, the picturesque fishing village and the scenic cliffs are just some of the beautiful images that welcome visitors at Praia de Salema Beach.

Salema  is a small and out of the beaten path area, known for its beautiful beaches and scenic fishing village. The village is home to a number of fishermen who still cast their nets daily and moor their fishing boats on the shore. Although not boasting in amenities, Salema Beach is an attraction on its own, being one of the places, in Algarve, where the beauty of country life, nature, and serenity converge.  Here, visitors can delight in watching the colorful fishing boats returning to the village after a fishing trip, or marvel in the beauty of the cliffs that dominate the Praia de Salema Beach Algarve area.

In addition to exploring the breathtaking sceneries at Salema Beach, visitors will also find that there’s more they can do here. Hiking opportunities at Praia de Salema are in abundance, making the town an ideal destination for adventure-seekers. Winding along its coastline, there is a series of cliff-top trails, as well as roads to hideaways in the hills.

For those who love seafood, Praia de Salema Beach has a promenade of restaurants and cafes on top of the cliff, where visitors can sample the fishermen’s catch of the day. Here, visitors do not only get to taste sumptuous fresh seafood, but also get to enjoy the wonderful view of the sea while dining.

Getting to Praia de Salema Beach Algarve area is reasonably easy, although Algarve’s rail network ends in Lagos. From Lagos, Salema is accessible by bus or car. Taking the bus is recommended during the peak season, when finding a parking place may be an issue.

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