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Prainha Beach

prainha beach algarve - photo 4

Prainha Beach: The Tiny and Serene Compared to other beaches in Algarve, Prainha Beach is quite small. Actually, “Prainha” in portuguese means “tiny beach”. However, it still remains...
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Praia da Rocha Beach

praia da rocha beach Algarve - Photo 5

Praia da Rocha Beach: The Rock Beach Praia da Rocha Beach is one of the tourist hotspots in Algarve, if not, the entire country. It’s a built-up area...
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Oura Beach

praia da oura beach algarve - Photo 3

Praia da Oura Beach: The all-in-one beach Oura’s Algarve area is found at the foot of a steep hill and very close to “The Strip”, a bar and...
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Monte Gordo Beach

monte gordo beach algarve - photo 7

Relax at the Pristine Praia de Monte Gordo Beach Monte Gordo’s Algarve area has come a long way from being a quiet and simple fishing town to a...
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Martinhal Beach

martinhal beach algarve - Photo 1

Praia do Martinhal Beach: Memorable Days yours to keep Praia do Martinhal Beach is located at the eastern part of the town of Sagres in Algarve. It is...
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Praia da Luz Beach

Praia da Luz beach - photo 1

Luz: It’s History and Entertainment in “Praia da Luz” Praia da Luz, also known as the Beach of Light, is located around 6 kilometers from Lagos. The beach—and...
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Gale Beach

gale beach 4

Praia da Gale Beach: The Family-friendly Beach In the region of Algarve, around 4 kilometers to the west of Albufeira, is the small beach resort known as Praia...
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Faro Beach

faro beach algarve - Photo 13

Praia de Faro Beach: Discover Algarve’s Capital In spite of being the capital of Algarve, Faro is often overlooked. It could be because of the mentality that as...
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Alvor Beach

alvor beach algarve - Photo 4

Praia de Alvor Beach: Take a Walk on the Golden Sand There are a lot of beautiful beaches in Algarve, and one of these is Alvor. It’s a...
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Albufeira Beach

albufeira beach algarve - photo 3

Praia de Albufeira Beach: Explore the Quaint Town Albufeira is part of the popular Algarve coastline, in a region where the usable shore spans more than 28 kilometers...
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Vale do Lobo Beach Resort

Vale do Lobo Beach Algarve - Photo 4

Celebrity Spotting At The Vale Do Lobo Beach One of the perks of staying at the Vale do Lobo Beach Resort is that you get to experience the...
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Carvoeiro Beach

Praia do Carvoeiro Beach Algarve - Photo 4

Praia do Carvoeiro Beach- Accessible Beauty and Fun A charming fishing village located in the Algarve region of Portugal just 3 hours south of Lisbon, Praia do Carvoeiro...
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Altura Beach

Praia de Altura Beach Algarve - Photo 3

Praia de Altura Beach in Algarve – A Wonderful Place to Unwind With an endless stretch of shimmering white sands, deep blue sea that extends right up to...
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Falesia Beach

Falesia Beach Algarve Portugal - Photo 1

Falesia Beach is one of the most spectacular in Algarve. It boasts 3km of white sand set close to red cliffs, creating a very pleasant atmosphere. It is...
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Barril Beach

Barril Beach Algarve Portugal - Photo 1

Praia do Barril Beach Within the area of Ria Formosa, Barril beach was one of the most successful adapting to tourism growth. The old buildings that supported tuna...
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