Praia da Luz Beach

Luz: It’s History and Entertainment in “Praia da Luz”

Praia da Luz, also known as the Beach of Light, is located around 6 kilometers from Lagos. The beach—and the village—have a very interesting history. It used to be home of the Romans, evident by the presence of excavated Roman baths in the area. It is also a fishing village, though majority of it has already been converted into spots for accommodation, such as holiday villas.

The waters of Luz Beach are transparent, though the temperature can greatly vary depending on the weather. There are several Blue flag beaches in the area, meaning they are completely safe and secure for bathing. There are also plenty of lifeguards around the area, however, remember there are sections that are closed off by ropes and buoys. This is where boats are normally anchored and you are not allowed to swim in there.

Although most people will visit the main Luz Beach almost every day, some will appreciate to go into the western area of the beach, which is quieter and more reminiscent of the laid-back lifestyle of the locals.

Locals and foreigners may have a lot of fun with the several water activities available at in Luz Algarve’s area. They may swim, sail, snorkel or dive. On certain occasions, you will find people holding surfboards, enjoying the surfing breaks.

Beautiful Sceneries at “Praia da Luz”

All around Luz Algarve’s area there are many sandstone cliffs and lush greens that add more color into the surroundings. At the eastern side is a famous black rock formation aptly known as “Rocha Negra”. It is actually a large igneous rock formed during an ancient volcanic eruption in “Monchique”.

Other interesting landmarks near the beach are the “Fortaleza”, which provides a stunning view of the bay, and the cobbled pedestrian streets known as “calcada”, whose designs range from very basic waves to more unexpected forms. Within the main town is also a stone arch, which also belongs to the Roman times and deserves to be appreciated.

If you’re looking for a beach with a hint of history and culture, this will surely make an interesting destination for you summer vacations.

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