Albergaria Senhora do Monte

Experience The Charm Of The Seven Hills At Albergaria Senhora do Monte

Nestled in one of the fabled seven hills that surround old Lisbon, lies the Albergaria Senhora do Monte, a landmark in the Graca district since the 1960s. One of the best hotels in Lisbon, it shares its prominent position above the city with another historic landmark, the Castle of Sao Jorge, and brings its guests back to a simpler time, a quiet and peaceful time, when life was easy and you had the whole day to get things done.

Surrounded by some truly spectacular and beautiful countryside and overlooking the city, this gem among Lisbon hotels is easily accessible from the city by a tram network that has a history all of its own. With beautiful views of the river Tagus, the Castle and the Graca convent, each room is a delight to stay in, and has a wonderful air of nostalgia and old-fashioned comfort that just cannot be beat.

Relax Among the Hills and Clouds

With luxurious rooms, private balconies and sun porches, every morning you can greet the sunrise surrounded by beauty. During the early afternoon, partake of a rooftop bar that is unique amongst Lisbon hotels, where you can get some of the most delicious fruits and wines available in the region. After breakfast, catch the famous Tram 28 on its way back into the city, and start hitting the streets. Even though the Albergaria Senhora do Monte is undoubtedly among the best hotels in Lisbon, besides strolling the beautiful grounds and exploring the castle and convent, the only other venue for entertainment lies within Lisbon itself.

Starting with the Bairro da Graca, you will find historic houses that have been restored to all of their former glory. The streets here are quite steep, and not for the faint of heart to climb. The glory that is the Alfama district stretches out before you as you descend, and all along the way are many fine cafes, restaurants and shops for you to explore.

Praca do Comercio and Beyond

Continuing on, you reach the beautiful gardens and parks that line the Alfama district leading into the Praca do Comercio. As the name implies, this is the district in which you can find some of the best shops in all of Lisbon. From fine jewelry, delicate ceramics and gorgeous clothing, it is the place to splurge and shop!

Albergaria Senhora do Monte
Calçada do Monte, 39
1170-250 Lisbon
Phone: 218 866 002

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