Praia Grande Beach

Surfing on World-Famous Waves at Praia Grande Beach

It is no surprise that many people flock to Lisbon, the largest city and capital of Portugal. Lisbon is not only the only European capital located close to beautiful, sandy shoreline; the city is also home to beaches that offer some of the world’s best waves, making it a hotspot for surfers from many parts of the world.  One of the beaches that surfers should check out in Lisbon is called Praia Grande Beach, which is tagged as the Portuguese capital for water sports, such as surfing, skimboarding and bodyboarding.

Praia Grande, which literally means “big beach”, offers moderately big waves that are ideal for both novice and experienced surfers.  Moreover, what’s probably one of the best things about it is that it offers great swell all year round, thus surfers can enjoy the waves at almost anytime they want. With world-famous waves, it is also not surprising why a surf/bodyboard world championship contest is held there every year,  attracting a lot of tourists from many parts of the world.

Surfing has caught on in Lisbon, particularly at Praia Grande beach, only in the past 20 years. Although now a world-renowned spot for surfers, the number of surfers that flock to Praia Grande’s Lisbon region is small, as compared to that of the US and many other countries. Thus, surfers can expect plenty of remote and “uncrowded” waves waiting to be explored at this surf spot.

Although the waters at Praia Grande Beach are not as warm as in the south of Portugal, it offers a magnificent view for those who are looking to relax. True to its name, it offers a long stretch of dune-backed sand perfect for those looking for a refreshing day in the sun.  There are also many restaurants offering sumptuous seafood dishes at the area.

Indeed, the beach offers many activities that visitors may find themselves wanting to enjoy more than just wading into the cool Atlantic waters.

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