Grande Hotel do Porto

Discover A Wealth Of Historic Charm At The Grande Hotel do Porto

Since 1880, Grande Hotel do Porto has been the center of parties and banquets for the affluent society of Porto. This Porto hotel carries a cosmopolitan air that carries over into present day, and as such, it holds a unique and honest charm that many other hotels could only dream of achieving. This grand dam has a rich history, and is undoubtedly one of the best hotels in Porto today, even into the new millennium its style has no equal.

The reason that the Grande Hotel do Porto has stood the test of time is chiefly because of its ability to continually reinvent itself to meet the demands and social mores of the times. The owners and staff seek continually to adapt the programs of this Porto hotel to meet the needs of every guest. The result is a flawless blend of the old and the modern, without the jarring contrasts that you will find at other hotels in the region.


Located near the city center along the Rua Santa Catarina, the Grande Hotel do Porto is within walking distance of the majority of shops, cultural venues, sporting arenas and transportation hubs available in Porto. Boasting nearly a hundred guest rooms and suites, a recent addition has increased its popularity among travelers by remodeling several rooms to be accessible to the handicapped guest, without any loss of amenities.

Classically decorated, with artwork depicting the hotel’s life through the centuries, there are touches in every room from local artists and sculptors, prizes that simply cannot be found elsewhere. And, as befits one of the best hotels in Porto, it features its own spa, La Torreta, which offers relaxing hot stone and Tui Na massages.


At some point in the hotel’s history, they played host to the former emperors of Brazil, refugees from a rebellion that ended their reign. In their honor, the entire floor where they once stayed has been turned into a romantic gourmet restaurant, fittingly named after them, the D. Pedro II. This is where the complimentary breakfast can be had, as well as dishes of Portuguese and International cuisine nightly.

The bar bears the name of another distinguished guest, the Duke of Windsor, who also stayed here after abdicating his throne. Decorated like a classic English pub, the atmosphere is relaxing, and the food memorable. The perfect place to relax, socialize and enjoy a good drink.

Grande Hotel do Porto
Rua de Santa Catarina, 197
4000 Porto
Phone: 222 076 690

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