Palacio de Belmonte Hotel

Belmonte Palace Hotel – Stay among walls of history and heritage

The accolades laden palace turned hotel, Belmonte Palace Hotel (Palacio de Belmonte), is steps away from “Castelo de Sao Jorge”. It was built as part of the Moorish Roman fortified walls for the historic royal residences. First constructed in 1449, and later expanded to include the east terrace with classical styled five facades, Palacio de Belmonte in Lisbon, has retained much of its original appearance.

Its distinctive red doors and the unique layout add the charming touch, guests and visitors have come to appreciate. Despite the recent restoration works, the rich heritage and royal atmosphere were preserved, giving an antique touch of museum-stay within the hotel.

There are charming public places decorated with blue-white hand painted tiles (azulejos) from centuries ago, and with some rooms having big windows to enjoy the harbour view. The prime location of the hotel and the east faced terrace, gives a magnificent view of the ancient Alfama district and the river beyond.

A perfect spot to enjoy meals and drinks, the rooftop terrace has captured hearts of all visitors with the panoramic sights. The suites, some of which have windows all around the wall, also enthrall guests with the amazing views of the district without having to step out onto a balcony. The restored layout allows visitors to enjoy an exclusive atmosphere of being the only ones in the building, without any disturbances from others in the surrounding area.

Belmonte Palace Hotel  in Lisbon (Palacio de Belmonte) is a proud member of the eco-conscious ‘Design a Sustainable Tomorrow’ and is committed to the mission of ‘introducing a sustainable contemporary way of life’. This aim was also the primary consideration during the recent restoration works, which included a 2 year study of the archaeology and the understanding of the building structure, including the ancient materials used and the air circulation.

Suitable materials such lime mortar for natural ventilation and suites were thoroughly planned and designed to allow maximum natural light. The construction materials were re-used as much as possible and other eco-friendly measures dictated the design of the garden and elsewhere in Belmonte Palace Hotel Hotel (Palacio de Belmonte).

With a careful mix of modernity and tradition, Belmonte Palce Hotel  in Lisbon (Palacio de Belmonte) has succeeded in delivering an unique holiday stay without compromising the well-being of the environment.

Address: Palacio Belmonte – Páteo Dom Fradique, 14, 1100 – 624 Lisboa, Portugal

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