Dona Filipa Hotel

Fun For All Ages At The Dona Filipa Hotel

Perched high above the Atlantic Ocean near Vale do Lobo, along the Algarve coast in Portugal, the Dona Filipa Hotel and its partner, the San Lorenzo Golf Resort promise everyone who visits them a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. One of the premier Vale do Lobo hotels, this hotel and resort has glamour and quality to spare.

With more than 150 rooms and suites to choose from, and designed just like many other Algarve hotels, this resort can pretty much guarantee each visitor a panoramic view of the Atlantic, the Algarve coast and a stay that is unequaled at other resorts. The staff at the Dona Filipa Hotel personifies personal service and if asked, can pretty much arrange for you and your family any activity that you can think of, to enjoy during your stay.

Fun for All in the Clean, Fresh Air of the Algarve

Like most Vale do Lobo hotels, this resort has plenty of activities to keep you and your family busy, but in a good way. From the nearby golf resort to tennis courts and the exclusive beach club, adults can spend away the hours swimming, sunning, and swinging to their heart’s desire. At the Beach Club, you can swim and rest at a private beach, enjoy meals at seaside, and have access to all kinds of equipment for enjoying water sports, from boats to scuba gear.

In addition to the kiddie’s pools to swim in, kids have a special area known as the Kangaroo Club to have their own fun, while the adults are away. Fully supervised, it features a full playground and all kinds of special activities designed just for kids, of all ages. For the teens, there are the water sports facilities, the Beach Club and a host of guided tours around the area of Vale do Lobo to enjoy, that are geared towards a younger crowd.

Rest and Rejuvenation

In addition to the fine dining and activities available at this resort and hotel, like most Algarve hotels today, they also offer a fully equipped in-house spa and wellness center for their guests’ enjoyment. This Estetica spa features a wealth of treatments, all designed to help you relax and unwind from your day. There are also massages and baths that will help you revitalize your body and leave you feeling young again.

Dona Filipa Hotel
Vale do Lobo
8135-034 Loulé
Phone: 289 357 223

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