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Enjoy Fine Seafood On The Shore At The Ababuja Restaurant There is no better way to enjoy fine dining and seafood than to experience it along the shores of the beautiful Algarve region. Seafood is one of the most...
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City of Aveiro

Historical and Natural Grandeur of Aveiro Located along the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, in the Centro Region of Portugal, is the breathtaking city of Aveiro. Although not as popular to tourists as other cities in Europe, it is...
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Kais Restaurant

KAIS restaurant lisbon - photo1

Dine The Night Away At KAIS During the recent renovation fever that ran through the industrial areas of Lisbon, many of the dockside warehouses and manufacturing spaces were converted into smaller properties, and dedicated to very different uses. One...
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City of Guarda

Guarda, Portugal: Grandeur Inside Stone Walls The city of Guarda in Portugal has historically functioned as a strong, fortified defensive site. It has shielded Portuguese towns from attacks of various invaders through the ages that it became known for...
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Dom Tonho

Experience Tradition On The Waterfront At The Dom Tonho You might think that you are seeing double when you choose to visit this gem on the Porto restaurant scene. Don’t worry, you are not seeing double. There are in...
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Algarve Region

Algarve, Portugal: A Region of Wondrous Attractions Algarve, Portugal is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Located in the southernmost part of Portugal, this region has become a top destination for travelers from around the world...
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Agua d’Ouro

Welcome to Traditional Porto at the Agua d’Ouro Restaurant In the heart of the Ribeira district of old Porto, lays the grandeur that is the Pestana Porto Hotel. This is a sweeping building whose architecture blends in with the...
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Village of Estremoz

Estremoz: More Than Just a Marble Town The town of Estremoz is the largest marble town in the province of Alentejo in Portugal. It is known as the world’s second largest explorer of marble, offering a huge variety of...
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Alvor Beach

alvor beach algarve - Photo 4

Praia de Alvor Beach: Take a Walk on the Golden Sand There are a lot of beautiful beaches in Algarve, and one of these is Alvor. It’s a good spot to be in for those who want a more...
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O Terraco

O Terraço Bar Lisbon Portugal - Photo 1

A Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere at O Terraco Bar in Lisbon If you are looking for good food and amazing views, the O Terraço, in Lisbon, really delivers. This open air bar, located on the top floor of the...
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Praia da Rocha Beach

praia da rocha beach Algarve - Photo 5

Praia da Rocha Beach: The Rock Beach Praia da Rocha Beach is one of the tourist hotspots in Algarve, if not, the entire country. It’s a built-up area and the first developed beach resort before the 1960s. It is...
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Monchique Village

Monchique: The Prettiest Mountain Village In The Algarve Monchique lies nestled in between two tall hills, Foia with a height of 902 meters above sea level and Picota with a height of 774 meters above sea level. The 10,000...
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Pasteis de Belem

Pasteis de belem5

Pasteis de Belem:  An Authentic Portuguese Delicacy One of the best ways to know a place by heart, is to taste the unique delicacies it offers. Food provides tourists a glimpse of a place’s history and its people’s ways...
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One of the few restaurants in Lisbon that uses authentic thin wood ovens to create their pizzas, their affordable menu has recently been expanded to offer other Italian cuisine delicacies to the public.
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Simple Dining At Its Finest At The Sueste Restaurant Located within an old salt warehouse near the end of the fishing quay lies a gem of a Ferragudo restaurant . From this unpretentious façade comes food that is the...
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Antiga Cadeia da Relacao

Antiga Cadeia da Relacao, a Visit through Portugal’s Rich History With a center that preserves century-old monuments, buildings, and structures, there’s no wonder why the city of Porto has been included in UNESCO’s World Heritage lists. From magnificent churches...
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A Cozy Oasis In The Middle Of Porto: Cufra Restaurant One of several trendy and popular establishments that can be found along the Avenida da Boavista area, the Cufra restaurant combines traditional cuisine and international favorites along with a...
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At the Mezzaluna restaurant the fare is a fusion between traditional Portuguese cuisine, and popular Italian, and the chemistry between the two is nothing short of delightful to experience
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Cerro da Vila Roman Ruins

Cerro da Vila: Symbolising the Ancient Roman Search For Perfection Cerro da Vila Roman ruins are placed in the Vilamoura tourist complex. The ruins make for an interesting visit as they help better understand the Roman era in the...
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100 Maneiras

The menu at 100 Maneiras restaurant changes daily, given the chef’s desire to use only the fresh ingredients that can be found in the Ribeira Market. Thus, some local favorites may be left off, if not available.
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