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The seashell toned interior is the perfect setting for its wide menu of seafood original dishes, including Spanish mussels and shellfish rice also, especially for the meat lovers, a spicy sirloin sautéed with tasty mushrooms soaked in wine.
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Pezinhos n’Areia

Have Dinner By The Sea At Pezinhos n’ Areia Restaurant From its beginnings as a simple wooden hut by the sea, this Praia Verde restaurant has grown by leaps and bounds to become an Algarve restaurant staple for this...
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Madragoa Lisbon District

Madragoa: The living legacy of a Portuguese-style district Adjacent to the wonderful and genuine center of Lisbon, visitors can find a locally famous district known as “Madragoa”. Madragoa Lisbon area considered one of the traditional “bairros” (neighborhood) in the...
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Adega da Marina

The Adega da Marina: A Pleasant Change of Pace Unlike the average Lagos restaurant you will see in this vibrant town in the Algarve coast, there will be no fancy signs inviting you to dine there, nor will you...
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Alcoutim Village

Alcoutim: Beautiful Village with an Enviable Location Alcoutim is a beautiful village on the banks of the River Guadiana in south Portugal. Known for its beautiful river views, local epicurean experiences and activities, the village is popular with local...
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Breaking Traditions With The Suigeneris Restaurant Ever since it opened its doors in 2007, this Faro restaurant has offered a fusion type cuisine that utilizes a lot of traditional flavors in a very unique, irreverent and bold setting. Situated...
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Madre Deus Church

Some decorations inside the church reflect the life of Queen Leonor and her husband Joao II. For instance, the stone net in the sacristy epitomizes the fishing net that the fishermen used in carrying the dead body of the...
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Casa de Goa Restaurant

casa de goa restaurant lisbon - photo1

Great Food And A Relaxed Atmosphere At The Casa de Goa Restaurant Almost hidden in the middle of a winding alley lies one of Lisbon’s better kept secrets, the charming Casa de Goa Restaurant. Low key with a small...
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Igreja Conceicao Velha

Conceicao Velha: A Memorable Historical Landmark Tucked in the middle of the row houses of Rua da Alfandega in Lisbon’s Baixa District, is one of the oldest churches in the country. It’s called Conceicao Velha Church. Igreja da Conceicao...
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Aula Magna Concert Hall

With a capacity to seat 1430 persons, the Aula Magna Lisbon is built in an area of 18,000sq ft. Its front façade design is inspired by the Parthenon with several tall columns greeting the visitors, symbolizing high devotion and...
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LX Factory

LX Factory photo 5

LX Factory is one of the most visited arts centers in the city of Lisbon, a place where the past and present converge.  Here, visitors can participate and interact in various cultural events that project this place into the...
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Meninos do Rio Esplanade

Meninos do Rio esplanade lisbon - photo1

The Meninos do Rio Esplanande – A Great Place To Relax and Unwind Located almost over the River Tagus in Lisbon, the Meninos do Rio Esplanande offers you some of the best scenery around. The atmosphere is relaxed and...
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Housed in what used to be a cloister near the opera house, the team has worked hard to bring a new décor that enhances the old architecture, as much as deliver flavors that tantalize the palate
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Gale Beach

gale beach 4

Praia da Gale Beach: The Family-friendly Beach In the region of Algarve, around 4 kilometers to the west of Albufeira, is the small beach resort known as Praia da Gale Beach. Part of a once-agricultural town that has now...
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Adamastor Esplanade

Adamastor Esplanade Lisbon - Photo 3

Spend A Great Afternoon At The Esplanada Do Adamastor In Lisbon If you want to enjoy a quick snack or a casual drink while immersed in some of the amazing scenery in Lisbon, you should spend some time at...
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Gulbenkian Museum

Gulbenkian Museum:  Reliving the Past, Enjoying the Present Lisbon, being the one of the world’s historical cities, is home to a wide range of picturesque historical buildings, including centuries-old churches, as well as breathtaking museums, that house significant artifacts...
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Castle of Sao Jorge

Castelo sao jorge lisbon - featured2

Castle of Sao Jorge or Saint George Castle can be a magical place to explore. Set on a hilltop high above Lisbon, it was once used as a fortress by the Moors until it fell in 1147.
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Jeronimos Monastery

Mosteiro dos jeronimos Lisbon photo 4

Renowned to be the symbol of Portuguese art at its finest, Jeronimos Monastery in Lisbon (Mosteiro dos Jeronimos), never fails to captivate visitors from near and far.
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Algarve Region

Algarve, Portugal: A Region of Wondrous Attractions Algarve, Portugal is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Located in the southernmost part of Portugal, this region has become a top destination for travelers from around the world...
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Capa Negra

Electric Dining In Porto At The Capa Negra Many places in the Porto Restaurant scene are known for attracting crowds and for it’s wonderful food. This particular entry is no exception and is for a long time a very...
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