Museu de Arte Antiga

Museu de Arte Antiga :  Where Ancient Treasures and Masterpieces Breathe Alive

One place in Lisbon that will surely fascinate those who have passion for arts is the Museu de Arte Antiga (Ancient Art Museum). Located in the heart of history itself, which is in the banks of Tagus River, the museum holds thousands of artworks that display magnificent craftsmanship throughout history.

The Ancient Art Musem in Lisbon , which was established in 1884, showcases a range of art pieces, including sculptures, textile and ceramic art works, paintings, and other jewelry pieces coming from the various places that the country once colonized. Works of celebrated European artists such as Bosch, Francisco Vieira Lusitano , Van Der Goes, and Durer can also be seen on the walls of the Museum. The Veneration of St. Vincent, a painting that depicts famous Portuguese personalities like Henry the Navigator are a major attraction and should also not to be missed when visiting the Museum.

The Museu de Arte Antiga is divided into several sections. One of which is the decorative art section, which has over 3200 gold pieces from 12th to 19th century.  Adding to the fascinating collection are some 7500 art pieces made of ceramics and 4500 decorative pieces made of textiles.

Another thing that is sure to fascinate visitors at the Museu de Arte Antiga is the Japanese screens that illustrate the arrival of Portuguese in Japan. Also, in the same section of the museum visitors can find African carvings made from tusks, Indonesian chests, and Chinese Porcelain, which came from the placesthe Portuguese explored during the ages of the Discoveries.

The Ancient Art Museum in Lisbon also houses breathtaking collections of silverware, which includes the Monstrance of Belem that is made from gold; as well as collections of French silverware pieces made by François Thomas Germain.

Visitors who love visual arts can spend hours wandering through the exhibits. However, for those who want a quick browse, they can opt for a short tour which only covers the top 10 exhibits. Overall Museu de Arte Antiga in Lisbon is not only popular in Portugal but in the whole European continent as well.

Located in Rua das Janelas Verdes , the sights nearby the Museu de Arte Antiga Lisbon area include the Basilica da Estrela, a church with an eye-catching Neo Classical structure; and the Estrela Gardens, a beautiful park with exotic plants located across Basilica da Estrela.

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