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Solar dos Presuntos Restaurant

solar dos presuntos restaurant lisbon - photo1

Experience Home Cooked Classics at Solar dos Presuntos When Solar dos Presuntos opened in 1974, the owners set out to make every customer who walked through their doors feel like they were home; judging by their success, this restaurant...
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Pavilhao Chines Club

Pavilhao chines bar lisbon - photo6

Pavilhao Chines Club: A Kitsch Lover’s Gold Mine The building where this fun and eclectic Pavilhao Chines club is located used to be a former grocery store that sold spices from the Far East. While it still retains a...
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Pao de Canela Cafe

pao de canela cafe lisbon - photo2

Soak Up The Culture At The Pao de Canela After a long day of touring the wonderful sights of Lisbon, there’s no better way to wrap it up than by soaking up the culture at one of the city’s...
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On The Rocks Club

on the rocks bar cascais lisbon-photo2

On The Rocks Club The cozy little town of Cascais is one of cobblestone streets and spectacularly charming houses, nestled along a graceful bay on the Estoril Coast. Growing out of one of the arms on the bay is...
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Meninos do Rio Esplanade

Meninos do Rio esplanade lisbon - photo1

The Meninos do Rio Esplanande – A Great Place To Relax and Unwind Located almost over the River Tagus in Lisbon, the Meninos do Rio Esplanande offers you some of the best scenery around. The atmosphere is relaxed and...
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Maxime Club

maxime club lisbon - photo 1

Enjoy Colorful Lisbon History at the Maxime Club One of the more colorful locations in Lisbon, Maxime Club was a former luxurious cabaret that was closed down when the era of fun cabaret came to an end. Revived by...
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Lisbon Story Guesthouse

Lisbon story guesthouse - photo1

The Lisbon Story Guesthouse- A Great Lisbon Hotel Ideally located just off the Rossio Square, the Lisbon Story Guesthouse puts you right in the middle of all the action yet just far enough to escape all the noise of...
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Villa Rica Hotel

Villarica hotel lisbon - photo 4

Where Old Meets New: Hotel Villa Rica The next time you are in Lisbon, make sure to stay at the Villa Rica Hotel. From there, everything the city has is within your grasp no matter what your pleasure. Located...
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Quinta da Marinha Hotel Resort

Hotel Quinta da Marinha resort - photo 1

Where Wishes Come True: Quinta da Marinha Hotel Resort When you come to stay at the Quinta da Marinha Hotel Resort in Cascais (Lisbon), you will find yourself caught between irresistible forces. Between the stunning beaches and majestic mountains...
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Chiado Hotel

Chiado Hotel lisbon - photo3

Sleep Above The City At The Chiado Hotel Situated in the most beautiful district in Lisbon, the Chiado Hotel occupies the top two floors of the Armazens do Chiado building. A historical landmark in its own right, the Armazens...
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Aviz Hotel

Aviz Hotel lisbon - photo3

Come Stay At The Legendary Hotel Aviz Back in the 1950s, Life Magazine proclaimed the Hotel Aviz to be the world’s most luxurious hotel. In the new millennium, the old has been blended with the new to create an...
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Heritage Av. Liberdade Hotel

Hotel Heritage Av Liberdade Lisbon - photo4

Bask In The Wonders Of The Past At The Heritage Av Liberdade Visitors to Lisbon cannot help but admire the wondrous blue façade that makes the Heritage Av Liberdade stand out from the rest. Nestled in the middle of...
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Ze dos Bois Gallery

Ze dos bois art center lisbon - photo 2

The Ze Dos Bois Gallery – A Great Gallery And Night Spot All In One If you love taking in local art, you will love spending time at the Ze dos Bois Gallery, a Lisbon bar that is both...
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Souk Bar Gallery

Souk club Lisbon - photo1

Lisbon’s Bar Gallery Souk: A Nifty Combination of Art & Nightlife If you are looking for something radically different and immensely memorable, a visit to Souk Gallery Bar should be among the top five things to do in Lisbon....
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Dock’s Club

Docks club lisbon - photo1

Party On The River At Dock’s Club Lisbon has worked hard to become one of Europe’s hubs for a thriving nightlife. Whether your preference is live performances or house bands, you are sure to find a bar or club...
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Cerca Moura Bar

Cerca Moura bar lisbon - photo 1

Cerca Moura: Get A Bird’s Eye View From This Charming Hill Top Terrace When touring Lisbon, there is no better site from which to take in the city in all of its majesty, than from atop one of its...
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Casa de Goa Restaurant

casa de goa restaurant lisbon - photo1

Great Food And A Relaxed Atmosphere At The Casa de Goa Restaurant Almost hidden in the middle of a winding alley lies one of Lisbon’s better kept secrets, the charming Casa de Goa Restaurant. Low key with a small...
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Cafetaria Quadrante

Cafetaria quadrante Lisbon - Photo 1

Cafetaria Quadrante/CCB In Lisbon: Delicious Meals In Traditional Surroundings With so many areas in Lisbon becoming ultra modern, it is refreshing to find a place that offers a more traditional atmosphere along with really great food. If you are...
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Brasserie de L’Entrecote Restaurant

Brasserie de LEntrecote 1

A Little Taste Of Paris At The Brasserie de L’Entrecote The Brasserie de L’Entrecote is a rarity amongst French restaurants, which are usually renowned for their elegantly designed menus. Located in the heart of the beautiful city of Lisbon,...
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Bar do Rio Club

Bar Do Rio: The Hippest club In All Of Lisbon Despite its low-key setting on a battered-looking quay, within what used to be a warehouse on the river Tagus, the Bar Do Rio Club has been hailed as the...
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A Travessa Restaurant

Travessa restaurant lisbon - photo 3

A Travessa Restaurante: Lisbon’s Best Kept Secret While visiting Lisbon, if you should happen upon a lovely street called Travessa das Inglesinhas, follow it, for it holds one of the Lisbon’s best kept secrets. Nestled within what was once...
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Sao Carlos National Theater

Teatro nacional sao carlos Theater Lisbon - Photo 4

Get Swept Away At The Sao Carlos National Theater The Sao Carlos National Theater has long been thought to be one of Portugal’s earliest classically designed buildings. Situated on the south side of the Sao Carlos square in Lisbon,...
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Se Cathedral of Lisbon

Se Cathedral Lisbon - photo 1

Experience The Majesty Of Se Cathedral of Lisbon Se Cathedral of Lisbon has seen a lot of history go on around it since its construction in 1147. A popular tourist destination around Lisbon, the fact that it is still...
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Santa Justa Esplanade

esplanada santa justa - photo 1

Spend A Relaxing Afternoon at the Esplanada do elevador de Santa Justa Esplanade Lisbon is a fascinating city and spending time on an esplanade is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the area. One of the most...
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Principe Real Esplanade

Esplanade do principal real 5

Great Outdoor Dining at Principe Real Esplanade If you love outdoor dining, the city of Lisbon offers you several fantastic venues, one of which is the Esplanada do Principe Real. Located in one of Lisbon’s nicest parks and covered...
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Portas do Sol – Esplanade

Portas do sol esplanade - photo 4

Portas do Sol: Truly A Gate Of The Sun The esplanade café Portas do Sol, which translates into The Gate of the Sun, from the beautiful Portuguese language, only recently opened its doors in Lisbon, during the fall of...
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Paradise Garage Disco

Paradise Garage disco club Lisbon - Photo 1

Come Watch The Sun Rise At The Paradise Garage With the reputation that Lisbon has for its nightlife, you have to know that any club or bar that succeeds there has to have something special about it to survive....
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Carmo Church

Igreja do Carmo Church Lisbon - Photo 3

Explore the Ruins of the Past at the Carmo Church This amazing gothic monument to the past, Carmo Church, was founded by a Portuguese national hero, Nuno Alvares Pereira, who later became a member of the Carmelite Order. Finished...
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Sao Roque Church

Igreja de sao roque church Lisbon - Photo 1

Out Of Death Comes Beauty: Sao Roque Church The land where the Sao Roque Church stands today was once cut off from the city of Lisbon. It was a barren stretch, used to bury victims of the Plague that...
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Santa Engracia Church

Igreja de Sao Roque Church Lisbon - Photo 1

A Testament To Innocence: Santa Engracia Church (National Pantheon) Santa Engracia Church has a long history that intertwines with that of Lisbon but it was not until the 1960s that its beautiful dome graced the skyline of the city....
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