Our advice on local activities, tours and sightseeing

During the last few years, we were fortunate to receive plenty of feedback from visitors to our country, who loved their stay and promise to come back often.

However, we also had quite a few visitors who told us about their “less than perfect” experience of booking activities and tours, once they’ve arrived in Portugal.

Usually, these came to us asking advice for future visits.

So we’ve decided to investigate the best available organized activities and bring together a diverse list that we could recommend to our readers.

Everything you’ll find in this list was verified by us:

  • The best and truly unmissable experiences, activities or tours
  • With the best price you can find
  • From the most experienced and reliable operators
  • Available to book in advance (no more “fully booked” problems)

We’re quite sure that you can’t go wrong with our recommendations.

However, if you try one of these and feel they don’t belong to Top 10 Portugal…please let us know! (email here)
Also, if you tried something that rightfully deserves to be recommended and is absent, let us know. We’ll definitely review it and consider its inclusion. (email here)

Recommended Lisbon activities, tours and sightseeing


Recommended Porto activities, tours and sightseeing


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