Cantina LX Restaurant

Cantina LX: The past reinvented by arts

Cantina LX is one of those unpretentious places, in a perfect location, where you can have excellent food at quite reasonable prices.

You will find Cantina LX just at the entrance of LX Factory, an Arts Center born on the grounds of an old textile factory. The place was empty for many years and now it turned into a big seedbed for designers and design shops, art ateliers or fashion and media businesses. It is probably the place in Lisbon with more new ideas per square meter.

The promoters of LX Factory used the old canteen of the textile factory, to serve good food in an uncomplicated and rather casual atmosphere, at reasonably low prices. However, Cantina LX is authentic, like its old furniture, providing a charming atmosphere that takes you back in time without losing the flair of modernism.

In Cantina LX you can order well known international food or you can choose traditional Portuguese food, like escabeche de coelho, almofadinhas de bacalhau, bacalhau corado or tarte de maca. A special note shoudl be made to the bread served, that is made in their own log-fired oven and has become an attraction in itself.

Cantina LX is the perfect stop for lunch or a snack, after you have visited the complex and you need a break, while still breathing the creative atmosphere.

Cantina LX Lisbon area is a bit far from downtown (Alcantara District), however it can be easily reached. There is a nearby stop where the tram and several bus lines make a halt, called Largo do Calvario. Or, you may take the train from Lisbon Central, get down at Alcantara Mar station and take a short stroll to LX Factory.

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