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100 Maneiras Restaurant: A Surprise Menu Everyday

Last year, the heart of the Lisbon restaurant scene was saddened when 100 Maneiras restaurant was forced to close its doors. This year, however, the culinary joy returned when it reopened, in a new location. The Bairro Alto, district in Lisbon is the new home for the legendary delights that were once thought to be gone forever.

The location is not the only thing that has changed, much to the delight of tourists and locals alike. The trendy Lisbon restaurant used to have a tasting menu at an average cost of 65 Euros. With the move, they not only left their previous address behind, they also left that costly menu.

The current tasting menu, personally designed by Chef Ljubomir Stanisic, from Yugoslavia, assures the same quality and creativity, but now costs only 25 Euros for lunch and 30 Euros for dinner, which is super news for everyone who’s dreamt of going there but hesitated only because of the prices.

The menu at 100 Maneiras restaurant changes daily, given the chef’s desire to use only the fresh ingredients that can be found in the Ribeira Market. Thus, some local favorites may be left off, if not available.

This is not a handicap, however, because the chef believes that it brings out more of his personal culinary creativity on a daily basis. Fitting, because the name, 100 Maneiras, does translate into “100 ways”, after all, and the rave reviews of food at this Lisbon restaurant prove that Chef Stanisic is up to the task.

At 100 Maneiras restaurant preferred preparations include fish and fresh vegetables, and every dish is completely Portuguese-inspired.

100 Maneiras Restaurant
Rua do Teixeira, 35
Lisbon 1200-459

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