Village of Obidos

Obidos: Touring Around the “Wedding Gift” Town

Approximately one-hour drive from Lisbon, Obidos in Portugal is the perfect destination if you’re looking for some quiet, serene and romantic place to spend a vacation.

Obidos, which comes from the Latin term ‘oppidum’ meaning fortified city, is believed to have been occupied by the Romans during the early days as evidenced by various archeological excavations. These days, Obidos has over 3100 inhabitants and is frequently visited by people from other Portugal provinces as well as from tourists from different parts of the world.

However, more than anything else, the town is known as the “wedding present” town, as it is said to have been King Dinis’ gift to his wife, Queen Isabel, on the day that they were wed in 1282. From that time on until 1824, every successive Queen of Portugal was given Obidos as part of her King’s gift or dowry.

It is not surprising why the town had been chosen to become a significant part of every successive Queen of Portugal for a long period of time. Obidos is itself an embodiment of beauty, with its cobblestone streets that are lined with beautiful houses and churches and colorful flowers such as bougainvillea and geraniums.

More to the romantic sceneries that await visitors in Obidos, Portugal, other things that can make a trip to Obidos unforgettable are the flamboyant and culture-rich festivals celebrated in the town each year. One of the most popular festivals annually held in the town is the Medieval Market. Happening during the month of July, the locals recreate medieval Europe by playing medieval music, wearing knights and witches’ costumes, and holding various plays and theater performances. People shop at handcrafts fair, watch costume parade, or have a taste of various medieval-style meals.

Another festival celebrated in Obidos is the international chocolate festival, for which the town has been known for. Celebrating this festival every November has made this town the chocolate capital of the world, featuring unique and amazing sculptures made of chocolates.

Tourists can also visit Obidos’ many interesting spots. The Obidos Lagoon, for example, is a perfect place for walking, strolling, and sightseeing. It is considered Portugal’s Silver Coast mainly for its soft silvery sand. In Obidos Lagoon, there are also fish restaurants and cafes for those who want to try out Portuguese cuisine and local delicacies. Water sports facilities are also aplenty in the area for those who want to have some fun and adventure in the water.

A trip to Museu de Obidos, or the town museum, will also complete the tourists’ visit in Obidos, Portugal. Located in a town hall on Praca de Santa Maria, this museum features an extensive collection of archaeological finds and century-old paintings and sculptures. Near Obidos is a town called Alcobaca, where the ornate tombs of Ines de Castro and Dom Pedro, Portugal’s legendary Romeo and Juliet, is located.

Obidos, Portugal is now known not just the most romantic medieval village in the country but also a national monument. Touring this historical place will not just provide tourists an incredible time but also a great opportunity to get to know the country’s fascinating history.

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