Vila Joya

Experience The Beauty Of Albufeira At The Vila Joya Restaurant

Located with the beautiful Vila Joya Boutique Hotel, this Algarve restaurant is the only one in all of Portugal to have earned not one, but two Michelin stars. Overlooking Praia da Gale and nestled within a picturesque residential neighborhood, it offers the finest dining experience to be had from any Algarve restaurant. Moving through an expertly manicured courtyard area, you will walk through a grove of brightly lit trees to reach the restaurant from the outside, and once you enter you will see evidence of the fusion between an Asian influence, and the traditional cuisine that Portugal is so famous for.

Once inside, the first area in sight is the elegant lounge and bar that fronts the patio area nearest to the hotel’s pool area. The strains of a piano set off in a corner fills the area with soothing and haunting melodies, perfect for viewing the beautiful vista of a moonlit sea. The mood is at once very romantic and mysterious, perched upon the cliffs overlooking secluded beaches.

The creativity of star chef Dieter Koschina is evident in the many fine dishes available for diners for what can be considered reasonable cost, usually around 70 Euros per person. Only the finest ingredients come into play here, from the lobster to the fresh herbs, delivered in his own special style. A particular favorite of ours is the filet of wagyu beef with celery ravioli, in a red wine sauce.

Vila Joya Restaurant
Praia da Gale

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