Tagide Restaurant: A Taste Of The Traditional

Offering delicious regional dishes, as well as a sweeping vista of Lisbon from its many windows, Tagide restaurant is one of the most sought traditional Portuguese Lisbon restaurants.

It has a formal atmosphere, set in a restored 17th century building set on a hill overlooking the River Tagus. The world renowned chef, Luis Santos, has a reputation for high service, quality and gourmet sensations.

The closest description of Chef Santos’ cooking style would have to be a fusion of French and Portuguese cuisines, offering delights that make the average price of 35 euros well worth the cost. Be advised, however, that its popularity has grown to the point that reservations are truly necessary, so that all visitors have the equal chance to savor the best of what Chef Santos can deliver.

There is a set tasting menu available, but you do have the option of going a la carte, which can be a bit costly, but still with many savories to dazzle the palate.

With a wide selection of house wines and local vintages, you may find it difficult to settle for just one! The same goes for their dessert lists: way too many treasures to explore.

For a business lunch, a brief respite, or even a romantic dinner for two, Tagide restaurant is a must stop for anyone visiting Lisbon, they are just too good to miss.

Tagide Restaurant
Largo da Academia Nacional de Belas Artes, 18-20

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