Estado Liquido

Estado Liquido Restaurant: Fusion Sushi At Its Best

The Lisbon restaurant scene expanded into a new niche with the opening of Estado Liquido in 2008. Housed in Santos, its fusion sushi cuisine is a breath of fresh air from chef Arnaldo Ferreira, bridging the gap between Western and Eastern cuisines.

Estado Liquido restaurant is designed to have a clean and crisp look, with pinks, magentas and gold throughout. The space was designed by the trendy architect Carla Mendes, and sports a mezzanine lounge populated by beds for lounging, and dining.

Its bar stays open late, attracting crowds looking for a late night snack on the weekends, long after the other Lisbon restaurants have begun to wind down. If your idea of a bedtime snack includes sushi that goes beyond the norm, for an average ticket price of around 30 euros, then this is the place for you.

The menu changes constantly, because the chef and his staff love to experiment with their sushi creativity. They even offer classes to sushi lovers to bring out their own senses of taste, form and creativity, teaching the students how to bring the best out of local ingredients. Some have even had their creations featured as an entrée after graduation, so that their invention could be shared with the world.

With the bar below and the restaurant above, this Lisbon restaurant is quickly becoming a popular hot spot, destined to remain popular for years to come.

Estado Liquido Restaurant
Largo de Santos, 5
1200 Lisbon

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