Dining In The Sky With Fusion At The Shis Restaurant

The Shis Restaurant has to be one of the most interesting and exciting venues currently available on the Porto restaurant scene. Located high above the beach, the main dining area sits upon a terrace and all who visit are not only treated to beautiful vistas of the surrounding sea, but are situated so that the waves crash around and below you. Combine that atmosphere with the magical mix of traditional Portuguese, Mediterranean and Japanese cuisines and it is not hard to see why this Porto restaurant has become so popular.

The optimum time to dine of course is around sunset, so that the setting sun illuminates the crystal and glass in this beautifully decorated site, a perfect accompaniment to the fine food you will be eating. It is the perfect romantic Porto restaurant for a night on the town with your true love, especially since it is only a 15 minute taxi ride from Porto center, with the option of a long walk on the beach afterwards.

The menu at the Shis Restaurant consists of traditional dishes done with a Japanese fusion, as well as a good number of straight traditional Japanese fare, including sushi and sashimi. The portions are quite large and you get quite a bit of food for the price. Their wide selections in wine are sold by the glass, so you have lots to experiment with while dining. Here you’ll find excellent dining, right on the edge of the sea.

Shis Restaurant
Praia do Ourigo
Esplanada do Castelo

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