Belem Bar Cafe

Belem Bar Café Restaurant: A Perfect Blend Of The Past & Present

Belem today is a blended mix of the past and the present. There are hundreds of years of Portuguese history lying along the busy waterfront, and you will find palaces and other monuments to the past sandwiched between modern shops and museums all along the riverfront.

Nestled amidst this is the Belem Bar Café, a popular up-and-comer on the restaurant Lisbon scene.

Even though the owners have styled it as a lounge bar, it is far from being anything remotely as casual as that description. Instead Belem Bar Café is a fashionable hot spot, made so by the trendy people that hangs there and also by its owner, a former model now actor, Paulo Pires. He has lent his own personal style to the operation of the café and a dress code is required, especially on the weekends, when it is so crowded that the doormen have the option of turning away anyone not dressed appropriately.

During the day, however, it does operate as a simple café, one with an exceptional view of the River Tagus. The clientele runs more towards the business sect, holding impromptu meetings while dining on its luscious menu of affordable local delicacies. With an average price of around 25 Euros, its enticing menu more than makes up for being open only until three in the afternoon.

Belem Bar Cafe
Avenida Brasilia

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