Cafetaria Quadrante

Cafetaria Quadrante/CCB In Lisbon: Delicious Meals In Traditional Surroundings

With so many areas in Lisbon becoming ultra modern, it is refreshing to find a place that offers a more traditional atmosphere along with really great food. If you are looking for a dining place that matches this description then the Cafetaria Quadrante/CCB terrace in Lisbon is definitely a place that you should check out when you are in the city.

The service at the Cafetaria Quadrante/CCB is fantastic and truly multicultural, which makes it much more comfortable for visitors who are traveling to the city from other parts of the world. The beautiful natural landscapes and the garden surroundings offer a distinct feeling of relaxation and being one with nature.

While this casual cafetaria may not be your destination of choice if you want a romantic or an intimate meal, it is fantastic if you want a fun and relaxing afternoon coupled with some delicious food. You will be pleased that you made the time to do so.

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