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Belem Bar Cafe

Even though the owners have styled it as a lounge bar, it is far from being anything remotely as casual as that description. Instead Belem Bar Café is a fashionable hot spot, made so by the trendy people that...
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Olivier Cafe

Famous for its Degustation menu, the Olivier Café restaurant offerings are truly a surprise. From mushrooms with pesto and Alentejo cheese, to octopus carpaccio, to porco preto with mango chutney, there is something to delight the palate of any...
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Casa da Comida

Inside, the atmosphere set by the renowned Portuguese chef, Bertilio Gomes, is just as romantic and beautiful as the garden at its forefront. In fact, Casa da Comida restaurant is designed to fit in nicely around a patio that...
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Cafe de Sao Bento

Café de Sao Bento restaurant is one of the oldest classic steak restaurants Lisbon has to offer. This is the home of the famous Lisbon steak, served with egg, as well as their own version of French fries, a...
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This bar-hotspot-restaurant brings the tasty heritage of good Portuguese food into the 21st century, with twists that are guaranteed to create a whole new generation of foodies, that want their taste buds constantly challenged and will not settle for...
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Amoreiras Shopping Center

Amoreiras Shopping Center: Relaxing shopping experience The Amoreiras Shopping Center, in Lisbon, was the first modern center of a reasonable size to open in the city, being locally well known for the quality of the shopping experience it provides...
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Centro Comercial Colombo

Centro Comercial Colombo: An unmatched shopping experience! The Centro Comercial Colombo in Lisbon is considered to be one of the 10 biggest malls in Europe. It was opened in 1997 and has more than 400 shops and many different...
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Cantina LX Restaurant

Cantina LX: The past reinvented by arts Cantina LX is one of those unpretentious places, in a perfect location, where you can have excellent food at quite reasonable prices. You will find Cantina LX just at the entrance of...
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Fabrica do Ingles

Fabrica do Ingles: Unraveling the Cork’s Mysteries Coming to the Algarve region, you have come to one of the best tourist sites in Portugal. What will unfold before you are the endless undulating hills and lovely beaches, and you...
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Solar dos Presuntos Restaurant

solar dos presuntos restaurant lisbon - photo1

Experience Home Cooked Classics at Solar dos Presuntos When Solar dos Presuntos opened in 1974, the owners set out to make every customer who walked through their doors feel like they were home; judging by their success, this restaurant...
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Kais Restaurant

KAIS restaurant lisbon - photo1

Dine The Night Away At KAIS During the recent renovation fever that ran through the industrial areas of Lisbon, many of the dockside warehouses and manufacturing spaces were converted into smaller properties, and dedicated to very different uses. One...
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Casa de Goa Restaurant

casa de goa restaurant lisbon - photo1

Great Food And A Relaxed Atmosphere At The Casa de Goa Restaurant Almost hidden in the middle of a winding alley lies one of Lisbon’s better kept secrets, the charming Casa de Goa Restaurant. Low key with a small...
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Brasserie de L’Entrecote Restaurant

Brasserie de LEntrecote 1

A Little Taste Of Paris At The Brasserie de L’Entrecote The Brasserie de L’Entrecote is a rarity amongst French restaurants, which are usually renowned for their elegantly designed menus. Located in the heart of the beautiful city of Lisbon,...
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A Travessa Restaurant

Travessa restaurant lisbon - photo 3

A Travessa Restaurante: Lisbon’s Best Kept Secret While visiting Lisbon, if you should happen upon a lovely street called Travessa das Inglesinhas, follow it, for it holds one of the Lisbon’s best kept secrets. Nestled within what was once...
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Portas do Sol – Esplanade

Portas do sol esplanade - photo 4

Portas do Sol: Truly A Gate Of The Sun The esplanade café Portas do Sol, which translates into The Gate of the Sun, from the beautiful Portuguese language, only recently opened its doors in Lisbon, during the fall of...
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Piazza di Mare Restaurant

Piazza di Mare Restaurant Lisbon - Photo 1

In addition to the delightful river view that guests can enjoy from Piazza di Mare restaurant, they can also expect a wide variety of tasty food at the restaurant, including Italian pizzas, made in their wooden hoven, Risottos, Frittata
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Blues Cafe

Blues Café Lisbon - Photo 2

The Blues Café Club and Restaurant: A Trendy Lisbon Hot Spot For a fun night out in Lisbon, there’s no better place than the Blues Café club and restaurant. Different from most other bars in the city, the atmosphere...
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Buddha LX Bar

Buddha Bar Lisbon - Photo 3

Experience The Peaceful Glamour Of Buddha LX A favorite haunt of Lisbon celebrities and VIPs, the Buddha LX Bar is easily one of the most ornate and traditionally designed sites in the city. It is a glamorous, yet comfortable...
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Vaskus Restaurant

Vaskus Restaurant Lisbon - Photo 3

Discovering Vaskus Located in the downtown restaurant district, Vaskus is renowned for it sumptuous meals and is so popular that it is one of the few downtown venues where you always need a reservation, even for lunch. It has...
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LX Factory

LX Factory photo 5

LX Factory is one of the most visited arts centers in the city of Lisbon, a place where the past and present converge.  Here, visitors can participate and interact in various cultural events that project this place into the...
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Porto de Santa Maria

Porto de Santa Maria Restaurant Guincho Lisbon Portugal - Photo 4

Seaside restaurant specialized in seafood, with 5 small dining rooms with a sea view. The Wine cellar is excellent and boasts a personalized kitchen with several fish specialties. Porto Santa Maria is one of the few Portuguese restaurants to...
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Silk Bar

Silk Bar Lisbon Portugal - Photo 1

Silk Bar This is the trendiest place in Lisbon. It is called Silk and has the city at its feet. Located in the last two floors of “Espaço Chiado” it is a highly sophisticated night club, designed to be...
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