Vaskus Restaurant

Discovering Vaskus

Located in the downtown restaurant district, Vaskus is renowned for it sumptuous meals and is so popular that it is one of the few downtown venues where you always need a reservation, even for lunch. It has a relaxed and informal environment, making it perfect for business lunches and quick meetings between associates and friends during the daylight hours.

There is never a lack of customers; not during the week and especially not on the weekends. If you want to eat here, you will need a reservation, simple as that. Known for its outstanding Brazilian meat selections and its delectable fondues and amazing house drinks, this restaurant has it all.

One of the reasons this place is so popular in Lisbon is that its kitchen does not close until 1 AM. This makes it perfect for a relaxing meal after partying all night or for a long, romantic evening. It is also a very popular hangout for local celebrities and sports heroes.
Be prepared to spend around 30 euros per person.

Rua Passos Manuel, nº 30
1150 Lisboa
21 352 22 93

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