Casa da Comida

Casa da Comida Restaurant: Romantic and trendy dining

Part of the fun involved with dining at the Casa da Comida restaurant is actually getting there. One of the rising stars of the restaurant Lisbon scene, reservations at this restaurant are crucial; moreover, we recommend that you leave early, for it is not exactly located on a main thoroughfare. Instead, you will find this classic-style restaurant near the very romantic gardens of Jardim das Amoreiras, a beautiful but very off-the-beaten-track locale.

Inside, the atmosphere set by the renowned Portuguese chef, Bertilio Gomes, is just as romantic and beautiful as the garden at its forefront. In fact, Casa da Comida restaurant is designed to fit in nicely around a patio that has a wonderful view of the gardens in summer, as well as large windows with picturesque views year round.

There is no rushing about here, and it is recommended that you spend some quality time here to experience it fully. Even when busy, there is plenty of luxurious couches and ample starters available while you wait, like sweet breads and olives.

With a menu featuring delicacies such as smoked mackerel with black eye bean salad, crab puffs in saffron broth, baked octopus with sweet potatoes or the tasty sea heads, mussels and clams combo, every dish is delicious, and a true gastronomic experience.

Prices ranges from around 10 Euros for most dishes to around 20 Euros for those seafood favorites, Casa da Comida is a Lisbon restaurant where quality didn’t turn into over-inflated prices.

Travessa das Amoreiras 1
1250-025 Lisboa, Portugal
213 860 889

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