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The Olivier Café Restaurant: Exotic, Exciting & Unique

Chef Olivier da Costa is renowned for having menus that are creative and innovative and filled with Mediterranean delicacies to die for. Even though Olivier Café restaurant is the smaller of the two Lisbon restaurants he owns, and runs, he has not limited the food quality to the size of the restaurant.

The standard menu at the Olivier Café restaurant contains choices of no less than six cold starters, six warm starters, six main courses and of course, six delicate and delicious desserts to complete the experience.

Famous for its Degustation menu, the Olivier Café restaurant offerings are truly a surprise. From mushrooms with pesto and Alentejo cheese, to octopus carpaccio, to porco preto with mango chutney, there is something to delight the palate of any brave soul open to delicious dining.

And, the desserts! Delicious sorbets, goat cheese with honey and walnuts wrapped in a puff pastry, and a delicate soft centered chocolate cake, all designed to be the perfect finish to a night of world class eating.

In this Lisbon restaurant simple ingredients are used to create pure and unique delicacies, which are presented with an innovative sense of style. All of this is also affordable, with meals off the a la carte menu costing no more than around 25 euros per course.

There is seating for only forty and reservations are essential to ensure that you get seated on the night you visit.

Bon appetit.

Rua do Alecrim 23
Lisbon, Portugal

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