Kais Restaurant

Dine The Night Away At KAIS

During the recent renovation fever that ran through the industrial areas of Lisbon, many of the dockside warehouses and manufacturing spaces were converted into smaller properties, and dedicated to very different uses. One of these design wonders is KAIS restaurant, the third member of that notorious triumvirate formed with Kremlin and Kapital on the opposing corners.

When Lisbon’s favorite designer, Maria Jose Salavisa took on the interior design project for this trendy new restaurant, he did everything with an edgy and dramatic flair. Originally a tram warehouse, he kept the high ceilings in place, as well as the ironwork, pulleys, chains and all of the exposed brick. With all of that for a backdrop, he added a wooden floor, olive trees and modernist furniture and topped it all off with a working waterfall, an echo of the docking quays the restaurant is named after.

If there is any place that you need to be seen in, it is here at KAIS restaurant. Standing across from Kremlin and Kapital, it becomes an ultra trendy supper club after 10 PM, serving the best in multinational fusion cuisine. The best dish here, hands down, is the Mozambique Prawn Curry; at least that is what the regulars say. Experience it for yourself; it will be an experience you will remember for a lifetime.


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