Pavilhao Chines Club

Pavilhao Chines Club: A Kitsch Lover’s Gold Mine

The building where this fun and eclectic Pavilhao Chines club is located used to be a former grocery store that sold spices from the Far East. While it still retains a lot of its original charm, that’s all that remains of its former life. Today, with the owner’s personal collection of kitsch and junk filling every available space, the venue is more like a lively and vibrant flea-market-cum-bar.

From ceramic bulls, silver bowls and china teapots to antique mugs, model trains and literally thousands of miniature soldiers, the collection is awe-inspiring and definitely worth the visit. Don’t attempt to buy any of these items; none of them are not for sale.

This bar serves tea and food as well, making it a great place to go even if you are not in the mood for an alcoholic drink. If you arrive later in the evening and find that the doors are locked, you needn’t despair. All you need to do is to ring the bell and you can easily get admitted to Pavilhao Chines Club. You will be glad you did.

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