Heritage Av. Liberdade Hotel

Bask In The Wonders Of The Past At The Heritage Av Liberdade

Visitors to Lisbon cannot help but admire the wondrous blue façade that makes the Heritage Av Liberdade stand out from the rest. Nestled in the middle of the Historic Centre, the 18th century building was recently brought back to life through a unique urban project.

The goal behind the reconstruction by legendary architect Miguel Cancio Martins was to blur and dilute the physical boundaries between the city and the hotel; a goal that was achieved tenfold. The refurbishing has made the hotel a striking counterpoint to the architecture around it and it was achieved without sacrificing much of the original construction.

Today, this comfortable lodge for the weary traveler still features all the amenities of a modern hotel, with fine dining and shopping nearby. The Heritage Av. da Liberdade draws the eye of everyone who passes through, with its 18th century Pombaline tiles, ironwork shutters and wooden doors. It is a monument to a colorful history, preserving forever one of the many artistic periods of Portugal’s past, here in the heart of Lisbon.

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