Maxime Club

Enjoy Colorful Lisbon History at the Maxime Club

One of the more colorful locations in Lisbon, Maxime Club was a former luxurious cabaret that was closed down when the era of fun cabaret came to an end. Revived by one of Portugal’s most controversial musicians, the Maxime Club has retained the bohemian style of its heyday, with its gold and red opulent chandeliers and decadent décor.

The bar offers live music and while much of it is in the Portuguese alternative vein, there is something there for everyone. During the week, lively concerts and stand up comedy shows are great crowd pullers. Contrary to what you may expect from a popular venue, the Maxime Club is neither stuffy nor uncomfortable. In fact, the atmosphere is surprisingly relaxed and comfortable yet without losing its vibrant timbre.

If you want to spend time in an area that brings together Lisbon’s colorful past and its vibrant and exciting future, the Maxime Bar is definitely the place to go.

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