Bar do Rio Club

Bar Do Rio: The Hippest club In All Of Lisbon

Despite its low-key setting on a battered-looking quay, within what used to be a warehouse on the river Tagus, the Bar Do Rio Club has been hailed as the hippest bar not just in Lisbon, but in all of Europe! Its bright lights and distinctive lemon-yellow entrance have make it a landmark in an otherwise unassuming, dimly lit neighborhood.  A walk through the vibrant doorway transports you into another world, where miniature spaceships, drums, trains and an eclectic assortment of toys adorn every inch of the wall space.

With a chilled out ambiance and foot stomping music that goes on till the wee hours of the morning, this is the trendiest hotspot for ultra late night party animals in Lisbon. The music at the Bar do Rio Club is different from what is being played at the other local nightclubs and DJs spinning the music are upcoming stars in the counterculture music scene.

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