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Exploring: algarve

Lagos Zoo

Lagos Zoo: Family Fun Lagos Zoo in Algarve is one of the favourite destinations of tourist and natives alike, when looking for family fun. There is a vast variety of fauna and flora to be found in the Zoo,...
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Portimao Town

Portimao : A picture perfect Portuguese town Portimao is located in the Algarve region, southern coast of Portugal, on the banks of the Ria de Alvor. It is served by the nearby Faro airport and, although being small, has...
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Praia Verde Beach

Praia Verde Beach: Secluded Secret Praia Verde enjoys a reputation as one of the most charming beaches in the Algarve region of Portugal. It is located close to Altura beach and Vila Real de St. António, in the municipality...
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Palacio de Estoi Hotel

Palacio de Estoi: Spending a Night in a Dreamlike Palace Palacio de Estoi is a five-star hotel in the small village of Estoi, close to Faro, the capital of the Algarve region in Portugal. Perhaps all of us have...
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Meia Praia Beach

Meia Praia Beach: One of Algarve’s gems The Algarve Portugal region, is famous for its beautiful beaches, excellent year round weather and an ample amount of activities for all, making this region one of the best beach destinations in...
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Castro Marim Village

Castro Marim : Portugal seen through the times It is not surprising Castro Marim in Algarve has been attracting thousands of tourists every year. After all, Castro Marim, a town at the eastern part of Algarve, is where history...
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Zoomarine Algarve

Zoomarine Park: Sea fun With Family and Friends Famed for its magnificent beaches and towering cliffs, Algarve is one of the top holiday destinations that Portugal has to offer. From sunbathing and swimming during the day to partying at...
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Fabrica do Ingles

Fabrica do Ingles: Unraveling the Cork’s Mysteries Coming to the Algarve region, you have come to one of the best tourist sites in Portugal. What will unfold before you are the endless undulating hills and lovely beaches, and you...
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Casino de Vilamoura

Casino de Vilamoura: A Night of Splendor and Fun Located in the heart of Algarve, Casino de Vilamoura is one of the most celebrated entertainment centers in Portugal. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come to this place every year,...
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Praia dos Salgados Beach

Salgados Beach: The perfect holidays recipe Sun, Sea, sand dunes, lagoons, and golf courses — these are the perfect ingredients for a memorable holiday getaway. They all come together at Salgados beach in Algarve. Located in Albufeira District, in...
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Praia do Amado Beach

Amado Beach – Portuguese surfers paradise Widely known as one of the top surfing spots in Europe, Praia do Amado Algarve region, is a popular hangout for all seasons. Praia do Amado beach is also a regular host to...
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Praia da Culatra Beach

Culatra Beach – The sleepy Island Culatra Beach is located in one of the coastal islands separated by a multitude of channels from the southern tip of Portugal, a bit to the east of Algarve’s capital, Faro. Two interesting...
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Vilamoura Beach

Vilamoura Beach: All You Need in One Place Vilamoura Beach is locally known as Praia da Marina. Unlike other beaches in Algarve, it is well developed and brings together a marina and a beach resort. A lot of the...
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Cabo de Sao Vicente

Cabo de Sao Vicente – The view at the end of the Europe The Romans called this windblown cape, Cabo de Sao Vicente, ‘Sacred Promontory’ and in middle ages, this solitary cliff, facing the Atlantic Ocean, was referred as...
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Cabo de Sagres

Cabo de Sagres – A point of immersion with history and nature Cabo de Sagres, Algarve’s very end in the southwest, also known as Sagres Point, is where nature converges with history. It is renowned to be the home...
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Aqualand Water Park

Aqualand Water Park: Algarve Sliding Fun The south coast of Portugal is not only for solo travelers and honeymooners. It’s also perfect for families. It offers a lot of kid-friendly attractions, such as the Algarve water park, Aqualand located...
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Prainha Beach

prainha beach algarve - photo 4

Prainha Beach: The Tiny and Serene Compared to other beaches in Algarve, Prainha Beach is quite small. Actually, “Prainha” in portuguese means “tiny beach”. However, it still remains popular, especially among the locals, during the weekends and summertime. Prainha...
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Praia da Rocha Beach

praia da rocha beach Algarve - Photo 5

Praia da Rocha Beach: The Rock Beach Praia da Rocha Beach is one of the tourist hotspots in Algarve, if not, the entire country. It’s a built-up area and the first developed beach resort before the 1960s. It is...
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Oura Beach

praia da oura beach algarve - Photo 3

Praia da Oura Beach: The all-in-one beach Oura’s Algarve area is found at the foot of a steep hill and very close to “The Strip”, a bar and restaurant area, which extends all the way to the beach. Several...
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Monte Gordo Beach

monte gordo beach algarve - photo 7

Relax at the Pristine Praia de Monte Gordo Beach Monte Gordo’s Algarve area has come a long way from being a quiet and simple fishing town to a popular holiday destination for both locals and tourists. Located around 3...
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Martinhal Beach

martinhal beach algarve - Photo 1

Praia do Martinhal Beach: Memorable Days yours to keep Praia do Martinhal Beach is located at the eastern part of the town of Sagres in Algarve. It is flat, sandy, and huge an its location makes it well protected...
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Praia da Luz Beach

Praia da Luz beach - photo 1

Luz: It’s History and Entertainment in “Praia da Luz” Praia da Luz, also known as the Beach of Light, is located around 6 kilometers from Lagos. The beach—and the village—have a very interesting history. It used to be home...
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Gale Beach

gale beach 4

Praia da Gale Beach: The Family-friendly Beach In the region of Algarve, around 4 kilometers to the west of Albufeira, is the small beach resort known as Praia da Gale Beach. Part of a once-agricultural town that has now...
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Faro Beach

faro beach algarve - Photo 13

Praia de Faro Beach: Discover Algarve’s Capital In spite of being the capital of Algarve, Faro is often overlooked. It could be because of the mentality that as a center, it is basically crowded by tall buildings and people....
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Alvor Beach

alvor beach algarve - Photo 4

Praia de Alvor Beach: Take a Walk on the Golden Sand There are a lot of beautiful beaches in Algarve, and one of these is Alvor. It’s a good spot to be in for those who want a more...
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Albufeira Beach

albufeira beach algarve - photo 3

Praia de Albufeira Beach: Explore the Quaint Town Albufeira is part of the popular Algarve coastline, in a region where the usable shore spans more than 28 kilometers and there are 24 beaches to suit all tastes. Hundreds of...
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Vale do Lobo Beach Resort

Vale do Lobo Beach Algarve - Photo 4

Celebrity Spotting At The Vale Do Lobo Beach One of the perks of staying at the Vale do Lobo Beach Resort is that you get to experience the fabulous beach that it is named after. The Vale do Lobo...
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Carvoeiro Beach

Praia do Carvoeiro Beach Algarve - Photo 4

Praia do Carvoeiro Beach- Accessible Beauty and Fun A charming fishing village located in the Algarve region of Portugal just 3 hours south of Lisbon, Praia do Carvoeiro beach offers some of the best swimming and scenery in the...
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Altura Beach

Praia de Altura Beach Algarve - Photo 3

Praia de Altura Beach in Algarve – A Wonderful Place to Unwind With an endless stretch of shimmering white sands, deep blue sea that extends right up to the far horizon and with Algarve’s three hundred days of guaranteed...
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Falesia Beach

Falesia Beach Algarve Portugal - Photo 1

Falesia Beach is one of the most spectacular in Algarve. It boasts 3km of white sand set close to red cliffs, creating a very pleasant atmosphere. It is a very busy place during the summer and very sought by...
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