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Lagos Zoo: Family Fun

Lagos Zoo in Algarve is one of the favourite destinations of tourist and natives alike, when looking for family fun. There is a vast variety of fauna and flora to be found in the Zoo, which boasts 120 animal species and 200 species of botanical interest. Far and away the most popular area is the primate section; its residents being monkeys, lemurs, marmosets, siamang, guenon, tamarin and gibbons. There is also a reptile house and tropical bird cages; and enclosures for lynxes and even wallabies.

Conservation and preservation of both animals and plants is taken very seriously at Lagos Zoo, with specially designed homes for the animals ensuring the very best conditions for their care and well being in captivity. Qualified personnel are on hand at all times to explain all about the animals and plants; and feeding time at the zoo is one of the most popular attractions. During high season, the pelicans and cormorants are fed at 11:30am and 3:00pm each day, while the primates will keep everyone amused while they dine daily at 4pm. Their keepers will answer questions while the animals are being fed and they sometimes give specific talks on their charges.

Children are well catered for with a playground, a petting area which allows people of all ages to play around with some very tame and friendly animals and even a library and multimedia area where videos may be viewed; and a classroom for environmental education where children can draw and paint what they have seen and learned at the zoo.

Lagos Zoo Algarve region is not lacking in facilities. Inside the Zoo park, there is a shop selling souvenirs, the proceeds of which go towards the upkeep of the animals; the Cangalho Restaurant which offers both local and international specialities, two snack bars for light meals, a beautiful shaded picnic area for the use of visitors and a library.

Lagos Zoo is close to Barao de S Joao in Western Algarve, within a short distance from the town of Lagos. It is easily accessed by driving on the A22 just outside of Lagos, past Bensafrim, then turn into Barao de S Joao and then just three minutes drive along the road is the zoo. Lagos Zoo is open from 10:00 to 15:00 from October to March and from 10:00 to 19:00 from April to September.

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