Praia da Culatra Beach

Culatra Beach – The sleepy Island

Culatra Beach is located in one of the coastal islands separated by a multitude of channels from the southern tip of Portugal, a bit to the east of Algarve’s capital, Faro.

Two interesting facets of the Culatra island (ilha da Culatra) await the visitors- the lagoon side and the ocean side. The lagoon side is popular for sailing parties and it is common to see the waters dotted with small boats floating idly.

Walking towards the ocean side of the Culatra beach is a worthwhile and fun trek especially for the little travelers who will definitely enjoy scooting down the wooden walkways to the beach.

Culatra beach scenic shoreline is popular with families, whose young children can enjoy endless fun chasing after seagulls, some of the frequent visitors to the seaside.  Surfing youngsters taming the swell conditions are not unusual either. The untainted stretch of endless beach and the clear horizon make a relaxing getaway in this rustic beach area.

Culatra Island (ilha da culatra) is largely untouched by mainstream tourism, this is one stretch of sea, sand and surf that can easily be enjoyed as one’s private paradise, where the sole preoccupation is gazing around the picturesque coast and lose track of time. It is easy to make friends with local fisherman and enjoy some fresh delicacies from the sea at the coastal cafe, and just languish in a day of carefree laughter.

A 30 minute ferry ride or one way taxi rides, from the city of Olhao, take visitors to the Praia da Culatra beach. There are also some private sailing boats, steered by experienced sailors, to take you through the channels towards the island. The short distance across the channels is well worth the essence of Culatra Beach in Algarve – careless bliss, by the sunny beach.

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