Casino de Vilamoura

Casino de Vilamoura: A Night of Splendor and Fun

Located in the heart of Algarve, Casino de Vilamoura is one of the most celebrated entertainment centers in Portugal. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come to this place every year, either to test their luck or to merely experience the thrill of the night.

To provide the tourists with a better gambling atmosphere, all gambling rooms have recently been redecorated in a most contemporary style, with dazzling lighting, exhilarating music and luxurious seating, all contributing to the splendor of the sleepless night. While the elegant Private Traditional Games Room offers a wide range of classical table games, “blackjack”, Portuguese Dice Tables and American Roulette included, the Mixed Room offers you an array of more than 600 gambling machines of all kinds. To add to the excitement of the night, fireworks will be played now and then and you will hear merry shouts and cheers among people.

To provide tourists with extra pleasure, the Vilamoura Casino has set up a bunch of restaurants, theaters and concert halls in the neighboring area. Miralago Restaurant, among others, are one of the best local restaurants, offering you a dining experience accompanied by the music played by the locally famous Joker Night Band. Also, you will be given the chance to taste a local selection of Portuguese wine.

If you want a good laugh, to go and watch a comedy staged in one of the theaters would not be a futile try. If you want to indulge yourself in the magical beauty of the night, you are recommended to watch a dance performance or magic show, or attend an enchanting concert. One thing to be noted is that the restaurants are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, so plan well!

Coming to one of the largest tourist complexes in the whole of Europe, tourists to Casino de Vilamoura are provided with easy access to other entertainment centers in Vilamoura’s Algarve region. The gambling rooms are opened from 4 pm to 3 am, so you can take a break during the day and have a relaxing tour to other attractions in this resort community.

If you prefer to do some sports, you can play golf in the worldly famous local golf courses or go to a nearby sports center to do swimming, cycling, riding, shooting, etc. If you desire to know more about the local history, you are recommended to visit the archaeological sites that date back to the Bronze Age, or simply go to the museums which boast a fine collection of antiques.

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