Cabo de Sagres

Cabo de Sagres – A point of immersion with history and nature

Cabo de Sagres, Algarve’s very end in the southwest, also known as Sagres Point, is where nature converges with history. It is renowned to be the home of Henry the Navigator’s famous school of navigation, and where the prince planned many of Portugal’s greatest explorations.

He built the local 15th century fortress, Fortaleza de Sagres, which was rebuilt in the 18th century. The fortress is home to an ancient monastery and chapel, as well as the enigmatic giant pebble compass, the estimated 40m diameter wide Rosa dos Ventos. Legend has that Henry the Navigator had used this compass to plot the journeys that shaped Portugal’s Golden Age of Discovery.

Windswept is an apt description for Cabo de Sagres Point. Visitors to this off beat region in Algarve, are ready witnesses of the strong winds at the panoramic promontory. Sweaters and jackets are strongly recommended, at least until one heads off to the nearby sandy beaches. The merciless winds are one of the elements inherent to this open-air historic attraction. Constantly exposed to all the elements of nature – water, air, earth and fire (sun), Cabo de Sagres Point, unlike Algarve’s other developed sites of interest, remains charmingly rustic.

Though usually not part of mainstream tours, Cabo de Sagres Algarve region is popular for visitors who are history buffs or enjoy sweeping views of nature . The spectacular scene of the Atlantic ocean includes a clear view of Sagres Point’s neighbour, Cape of St. Vincent and its lighthouse.

Its remote location has not put off beach lovers. The secluded beaches present the perfect setting of clear Atlantic horizon, with sun-kissed sand, amazing sea (although a bit cold) and wonderful surf conditions for an exciting day out, by the seaside. Just 1km away, Praia do Martinhal beach is a great spot to bask in the sun or enjoy the various options offered by the water sports school. The 20 minute drive from the close by town of  Lagos, and the walk up to the promontory, are rewarded with view of a most unique spot and the beautiful beaches of Cabo de Sagres.

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